Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Outfit and a Haircut

Patterns and Blues

Big news around here: I finally got that looong overdue haircut I'd been needing. The ends of my mermaid hair were in pretty sad shape.

back view

I haven't been taking pictures lately, which is probably why it's been so quiet over here. Though I did bust out the camera to document my newly trimmed hair.

This smooth, straight, and shiny business is not its natural state and my natural state rarely involves a willingness to put forth the effort required to recreate the look. It looks like this approximately once every six months to a year. Just after I get it cut.

blues and oranges

This awesome 70's sweater was a gift from Brigit (pssst, today's her birthday!) when we did our swap last year and I really love it so it's about time I worked it in to an outfit post. It's one of those items that I get complimented on pretty much every time I wear it out.

This was the first time I'd thought to pair it with my beaded necklace of jingly amazingness from Nicole. I think they make quite the pair.


I picked up this blue rayon top with floral cutout detailing on a recent thrift outing. I've been thrifting a lot lately trying to gather goodies for several packages I've got in the works.

New Hair, New Top

Gosh, I hope you guys aren't getting sick of these boots yet, because clearly I'm not, haha, they're still my favorites :)

Later that evening I wore this to a super fun clothing swap with a bunch of lovely vintage loving ladies. I wish I had taken pics! I was able to find new homes for lots of clothing items of mine and took home some lovely pieces as well. I'll try to get better about the picture taking folks!

Happy Birthdays to all my lovely Aquarian sisters, there are lots of them going around right now! Mine's coming up in exactly one week and it's a biggie. I'll be wishing my 30's a very fond farewell, yikes!!!


Crystal Lee said...

Your hair looks beautiful, especially with this lovely outfit, which is so flattering to your figure. I can't believe that you are going to be 40! Girl, you look significantly younger!

Andrea said...

Usually when I go in for a trim they are very excited to "diffuse" me & then goo up my hair with lots of products. I never can get it as big or as curly ever again :) Atleast we're honest about our lack of effort, right?

Love that blouse! I once thrifted an amazing butterfly version of that, gave it up, and have been on the hunt to find another ever since. I just love those cut- out blouses. Great boots too :) Pre-Happy Birthday, lady! I'm sure it will be a wonderful one.

Tera said...

Happy Birthday! You will be joining my club soon....teehee, life began at 40 for me. That cliche REALLY rang true for me. You do not look it!

Mrs. Habit said...

oooh, your hair looks great, Missa! I love that length. Actually I love everything here. And no. Not sick of the boots.

gold fawn said...

wow! That sweater and necklace are amazing! so good together!
xo m

Anonymous said...

Wowowow, look at you! Super gorgeous -- as usual -- but you look so different with straight hair!

Loving your whole outfit, but the sweater especially!

Have a beautiful day, Missa!


mmgood said...

applause applause!

i was just watching a snippet of 'pretty in pink' last night, spurred by heather's reminiscing of floral leggings. it was the first time we see ducky and he says to andy, "may i admire you again, later today?" . i feel like him, whenever i pop over....aaaah. thank you for these chances to admire you.

i think your hair looks great, but i'm glad you'll be letting it return to a less coiffed state. mermaid is good on you. your outfit is one of my favorites that i've seen. i'm in love with everything about it, and its especially dear that it contains so many pieces from friends. do you sleep with those boots on? i think you should.

and its a big b-day coming up, oh happy day! i don't know if you want to blog about it, but i'd love to hear your thoughts/feelings about turning 40, especially any comparison to how you imagined it would be, as to how it really is. or some such. you know mine's looming too at the end of the year!!

love to you, beautiful woman. xo

Violet Folklore said...

You look dahling, dahling! The sweater is so rad (and so Brigit), and is perfect with Nicole's lovely necklace.

I just traded a vintage pantsuit with my hair stylist. When I dropped it off at her salon she was like "Shall I put you on the books?" and I said "Didn't I just come in a few months ago? I'll call you in like a year". The super permed and dyed ladies all just quietly looked away...

Any big birthday plans?

Violet Folklore said...

Might I just point out that I left comment number 8? (Okay and now 9...)

moonshinejunkyard said...

wooooeeee you look gorgeous! so THAT is what a real haircut looks like?! i have ridiculous anxiety when i think about going to get a haircut...but i do know that someday i will do it! just a pretty little one, like this, fresh and fancy, still long and luscious. i LOVE everything about this outfit too. wish i could rock the belt-n-jeans look, i have that same belt and it looks so gorgeous just peeping out under your cutwork blouse. woweee zowweee it is nice to see your beautiful face.

anne said...

very pretty miss missa! i got a haircut several months, not that you can tell, but it had been 2 years! yikes! as nicky's husband said, the ends of my hair were in danger of a bird coming by to gather straw for it's nest. hahaha i thought that was funny...and true :D

i love the sweater necklace combo! they look awesome together.

Cel said...

Our hair apparently behaves much the same way haha. I finally got mine trimmed in late-December, took away a good few inches of unhappy hair ends. I had so much hair though, I didn't miss most of it until I ran out of hair earlier than I usually did when running my fingers through it.

That blue top is great, love the little details. The boots are awesome too, who could get sick of them?! You look great.

And in case I (probably will) miss it, happy early birthday!

bonfire of my vanity said...

your haircut looks amazing! and you've done wonderful things with that sweater in terms of this outfit! the necklace and belt and sweater together looks freaking great. so glad that sweater is getting loved. it was just way too small for me, and sat in my closet for a year, crying in it's dark corner for someone to love it. so glad you guys are getting along. i have a special (read:crazy) love for those things and i am always nervous about giving them away because i want to make sure they are appreciated. i just passed another very small one on to a girl at my kids playgroup who fell all over herself when i wore one of my other ones. i was so excited to find another lover of 70's sweaters. i am a dork. i was like, "okay, be really nice to this sweater. take it on long walks and it likes to be snuggled. make sure you talk to it or gets depresssed." okay, not really but i'm not that far off in how much i love those things.

bonfire of my vanity said...

oh, and that shit is killer. i've been searching for one that will fit my massive buzooms but so far no luck. i love the shirred sleeves. wow!

FightLikeAGirl said...

Love the outfit! I think I have that shirt (or very similar) but in black and I, too, thrifted it! I hate the way my hair looks all brushed after a haircut. I love the messy and beachy look-even with the tangled beyond knot or two. :)
p.s. I am at now...not on blogspot. :)

Nicky said...

Ahh, fresh ends- it looks great!
How do they use that round brush so damn well??? I can never quite recreate what they do at the salon, but hey? It makes it that much more of a treat! Especially the scalp massage with the shampoo and conditioner. Makes me wanna go every other day! :D

Milla said...

Haha! You look weird with straight hair too! It's fun for the day, but I can't imagine keeping it up. That outfit rocks, what a sweet combination of colors. You always put the most unlikely things together and make them work perfectly, but this one is pure class.

Man it's so fun to go back to all these posts I've missed!