Monday, November 28, 2011



Yes, it's true! A furry little ball of kitty love has joined our family!



The pitter patter of little paws, the sweet sound of purring around the house again... music to my ears :)


He is the sweetest little guy. So so soft, almost bunnylike with those pink ears, and he's got such a mellow and loving personality.

He was one of three kittens brought to Clover's pre-school in search of a home. He spent a couple of weeks at the farm before I successfully convinced Lucas that it was time to bring another kitty friend into our world.

During this time he got used to being manhandled by two to four year-olds (great conditioning for his new life with Clover, not as sweet as she looks, people!) and constantly licked by their family dog who took quite a liking to this kitten in particular. Probably because he was the only one who would sit back and allow the dog to lick him until his fur was wet and matted. He's just that easy going.



So yeah, this is our new kitten and we're pretty darn smitten. His tiny warm presence is making cuddling up on the couch that much cozier these days. In fact, he's curled up asleep in my lap as I type this :)



Oh yes, and did I mention that the gray patch on top of his head turns into a heart when his ears relax. Yeah, how freakin' cute is that?

One thing though, he's been with us for a week and a half now and still doesn't have a name. We're having a heck of a time coming up with one that feels like it fits. Suggestions??? We could use some help :)


Mrs. Habit said...

delicious little kitty.
sweet faced little gal.

& in LOVE with your pillows!

Andrea said...

Aww, congrats! He's so sweet :D I want a kitten!

Shelley said...

He is really adorable and looks like he's already right at home with you and Clover!

For some reason, when you asked about potential names, Feargal popped into my head. Not sure why... I don't know any Feargals, but it is a lovely, classic Irish boy's name. So that's my suggestion!

flaming hag folkwear said...

he is precious! what a sweet little face. i love cuddly, mellow boy cats the best.

i tend to favor "people" names for my critters for some reason (our youngest cat is named gary, for instance). i bet he would be a good frank ;)

Sal said...

What a cutie! In light of his markings, what about Corazon?

ana! said...

How about the name Charlie?? :)

Milla said...

Cat-a-log and yeah how about the name Charlie ;D

I love him! Your family just achieved ultimate cuteness just when we thought it wasn't possible for you guys to be any cuter. You can tell Lucas I said that. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

flaming hag folkwear said...

p.s. i showed eddie your new kitty and after he groaned the way only a husband married to an animal loving wife does, he suggested simon as another good name option (i have him on the people name bandwagon, too)

chloƫelizabeth said...

what a little darling!

Missa said...

I like Simon. Casper was one we were considering too and he's sort of been going by Dennis as his back up name because Clover's pre-school teachers thought our old cat was named Dennis because of how Clover pronounced our cat's actual name which was Guinness, so she would come home with these stories that she dictated about our cat Dennis that died and how she wanted to get a pig.

Charlie is good too! This kitty is indeed quite fond of napping ;)

Teeny said...

Simon IS cute. Dennis is quite hilarious. i don't know why but "Blue" came to mind....considering that he...uh....isn't blue, that might not be appropriate. sweet guys look happy.x

svelteSTUFF said...


I was thinking along the lines of the heart on the head - Cupid, Vixen... then it started sounding like Santa's line-up of reindeer... maybe 'Donner' as an offtake of Dennis?? After all it 'tis the season!!

Missa said...

Ah, Cupid. There's a heart related name I hadn't thought of yet. I like it.

Sal, I had pondered the name Corazon, but I don't think he's quite got the spice for it, ya know?

Shelley said...

Ooh! I changed my mind... I'm voting for Cupid :)

Anonymous said...

i like simon and cupid. i really want to suggest "little lord fauntleroy", but it just doesn't quite ring.

i already gushed about him on FB but i will some more. it's hard, however, since he makes my brain do this:

"gooooooo thurbleplurpgethrrppptthhbt"

Alexa said...

You are ALMOST making me want a kitty of our own...except that pesky allergy I have ;)

SImon is sweet. I always like people names for pets.

sally said...

my heart lept when i saw the first pic of your new little one pop up...could it be? missa got a cat!??! YEEEEES! i am so thrilled for you guys! my cat is similarly even tempered and i am sure you will have a wonderful time enjoying his company for years and years!

as for a name...oliver? i quite like blue, since his heart is evermore blue (and instead of being on his sleeve, it's on his head, still for all the world to see!). <3 the sound of a purr just can't be beat. he is lucky to've found you! awwwwwwwww...

roccagal said...

Cupid-is cute with the heart!! Cupie for short!!!

Lexi said...

Aww, congrats on the new addition! He is adorable!
Lexi xx
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anne said...

what sweet little kitty!

i n chips would be cute :D

Nichole said...

i giggled my way through this post. so so sweet!

Teeny said...

MISSA! i took the link you posted on my the TweedRun lady - and guess what? I immediately recognised her dress because it has been bookmarked as a favourite for months....look here SORRY BIG LINK AHEAD

Catherine said...

aww what a cute fluffy thing you have :D he's got those big clear eyes that get people smiling!

6512 and growing said...

The heart-patch is the best part.

Tera said...

awwwwwwwww such a beautiful kitty and lovely pics!