Monday, November 14, 2011

Swiss Missa


Yodel Le Hee Ho!

Man, am I the worst at timely posting, or what? I know, I know, Halloween is such old news. I did say I'd post costume pics though, and while I'm not the most together of bloggers, I am still a woman of my word!

Can you believe I found this vintage dirndl with accompanying undergarments at the thrift store for a mere $3.50! I love when they put out the Halloween racks each year, they are always a treasure trove for unique vintage pieces on the cheap.



How cute are those mother/son matching red Converse? And, how cute is my friend Angelina as Joan Jett? She's pretty convincing, no?


Uh, Joan, did you spike my hot chocolate again?


As evening approached, friends began stopping by and neighbors were out milling about in preparation for the night's festivities. The grown-ups enjoyed a beer on the front porch as the kids ran around in there costumes.



Yup, that's my old man. Kinda creepy, eh? Lucas has actually become pretty good at pulling together last minute costumes from things found around the house. It's his thing, he does it every year.

Later in the night the kids dubbed him the boogie man. He would shake his cane at them and they would run squealing with delight, over and over.



Several of you commented on my last post about how grown-up Clover is looking, and it's so true, she's such a little kid now! Where did my toddler go?



I got a call from my friend Dana explaining that her daughter, Neko, wanted to be a castle for Halloween. She was, however, in need of a princess. Of course Clover was happy to oblige. Don't they make an adorable pair?

We pieced together Clover's costume from thrift store halloween rack finds, but our friend Lily's mom handmade Neko's amazing castle dress from scratch!


Trick or Treat!



The pitter patter of wee spirits could be heard up and down the street. I had to keep a close eye on my little princess with her preferred eat-as-you-go method of trick of treating.


These last few pics were taken by Angelina with her camera's awesome night portrait setting (wish my camera had that). I love the flailing glowstick effect.

Another super fun and family friendly Halloween on our street. It's now been tradition for a few years running to go across the street to my sister in law's house where we have a little block party of sorts with friends, family, and neighbors in their driveway.

Costumes and decorations, gathering round the fire pit, a big pot of homemade chili (this year yummy roast pork sliders on wee homemade buns too!), drinks, baskets of candy for the trick-or-treaters who happen by, an eerie gray mist periodically wafting over from the fog machine, and lots of small children running wild in the night.

The kids are still young enough that a quick trip up and down the block provides sufficient trick-or-treat excitement, just wait until it dawns on them that their are whole neighborhoods to be covered!


Thrifted Treasure said...

You all look fantastic, I used to love night-time Halloween in Ireland! Here in Sydney it's still bright when the kids go trick or treating, not quite as spooky but still fun :-)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

Everyone looks so great!!!! Adore all the costumes.

bonfire of my vanity said...

cuties! i love your costume and that joan jett costume is pretty amazing. writing that one down for next year. it looks so warm and sunny there. our halloween was dark and cold.

Nichole said...

What sweetness! The kids, the candy, and the costumes ($3.50?!), all looks like such a delight!

Milla said...

Oh the princess and the castle! Little kids trick-or-treating has got to be one of my favorite holiday things. I can't get over it. You look very authentic and Angelina rocks as Joan, but my favorite is of course getting to see old Lucas in costume. Creepy/hilarious. Charlie went as a sailor in an awful white slightly see-through polyester 80s uniform. Also cobbled together at the last minute. Interesting how we have all these costume bits around the house...
Your halloween looks pretty amazing and relaxed. Rad! I'm glad you shared your celebrations.

moonshinejunkyard said...

BEST Halloween EVER! i love love love the picture of clover in her barefeet. it is the perfect california halloween. you in your swiss miss costume, just perfect, and i can't believe you found a dirndl and bloomers for so cheap, that is rad. your neighborhood really knows how to do it, and lucas's role in the whole thing rocks! cuties. you just make me glow with affection for your wondrous family shenanigans!

Cel said...

I love your costume! As if you found that for so cheap. Clover is adorable in her princess costume, especially with that other little girl as a castle! Her mom has mad sewing skills that's for sure. This sounds and looks like it was a fantastic Halloween.

Alexa said...

I simply love the combination of Swiss Missa and Joan Jett.

Teeny said...

Are you missing the baby days? i get a little sad when i realise my last little baby is no longer a bubs but a girl now. Having said that, i had a dream last nite where i was pregnant again and i woke up in a PANIC wondering how the heck i was going to get a refund on my flights over to where you are! Phew. just a dream. You look amazing! Your hair!x

flaming hag folkwear said...

aw, i love swiss missa and her friend joan jett! you seem to have the perfect little block full of friends and fun--i am sure the time will come when the kids want to venture out farther in search of treats, but i imagine they might be disappointed that the rest of the world isn't nearly as sweet :)

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Missa! I love all of the costumes, but especially your "Swiss Missa" outfit!
(Of course, on me it would be a "Heidi Dress"! Just like some of my Heidi dolls wear.)

Elizabeth said...

Missa of the mountains, Beautiful!!!!!

As is your wee one. What fun for a night!

x E

anne said...

love it! such cool costumes!

ok. i see you got my package off...i will get yours mailed by saturday. i'm glad we both are bad with due dates :) but the longer i take the more i add to your package, that would be the upside ;D can't wait to get mine and for you to get yours!

Andrea said...

I absolutely adore your outfit - that's a real dress from a story :)