Saturday, November 19, 2011

Autumn Amazement

My dad took these photos of us (my sister Val and me) playing among the fallen leaves on a crisp November day back in 1976.








I was four years old, the same age Clover is now. While I'm able to conjure vague bits of memory from days like it, I don't necessarily remember this day in particular.

Nowadays I treasure having these images to look back on, with their power to bring focus to a faded recollection. A little version of me running wild in the woods.

As we were driving away from Clover's pre-school the other day, the breeze lifted a pile of leaves on the side of the road, sending their bright colors up into a whirling spiral.

Mama, did you see the leaves?!

I did honey, wasn’t that cool?

Her voice filled with astonishment:
Mama, I didn’t know leaves could play!

I'm guessing one day she may not recall having made this wonderful discovery, but I'm willing to bet she'll appreciate that I felt compelled to write it down :)


bonfire of my vanity said...

those pictures made me so happy. and i love when kids say amazing things like that.

chloeraub said...

How beautiful - and those pants are AMAZING! :)

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my gosh, i have goosebumps all over. what a beautiful poetic soul you have missa, to make these connections and give these glimpses of a child (and mother's) world such poignant reality. these photos are utterly haunting, i can just hear your voices and laughter. that is the year i was born! i think it was a very very good year for children's fashions ;) love this so much, thank you.

Teeny said...

Your dad was an amazing photographer huh. They are such beautiful photos. And it is absolutely fitting that you are wearing patchwork pants. I think he must've loved you girls alot. Lovely Clovers little words too.

flaming hag folkwear said...

little you! such beautiful photos.

i've found that i like to collect the little things that are special or inspiring to me today, but that might escape my memory months from now. and i like the idea that our kids--whenever the curiosity may strike--might read our blogs, learning stuff both about their mom and themselves :)

p.s. ugh, my darkness of late...i was kidding my friend that at age 37, i have decided to go goth. who knows, maybe it is the sign of a crisis ;)

Franca said...

They really are fantastic pictures! I sadly remember very little from that age, so I think it's a good idea to document as much as possible!

Betty said...

Beautiful photos :). Inspiring me to capture the sweet moments that are easy to miss.

sally said...

you. look. amazing!

and clover is entering the time when everything outta their mouths is one adorably awe-struck statement after another. 4/5 is my favorite kid age for that reason alone!

Unknown said...

I am loving this post. I love the style of the photos. I love the subjects (you). I love the clothes. It all took me back. Psst. I had pants like those

Thrifted Treasure said...

Fantastic photos, love the style of the photography and your gorgeous retro clothes, precious memories :-)

Tera said...

Your childhood and hers, all magic!! Love these photos!!!! Seems like certain eras had certain colors that just popped more than others. I remember these colors from my childhood so clearly!

Crystal Lee said...

Wow. Clover sure has a way with words. I love these photos of you as a little gal. I also the color and composition; your dad did a great job. Pretty sweet blue velvet coat too!

Andrea said...

aww, she is so precious! on a completely different fashion sidenote-- your patchwork bell bottoms were top-notch Missa :) Love!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

awww "I didn't know leaves could play" that really is so cute.

The Novice Thrifter said...

Wow ur dad was quite the photographer, I can see that talent is genetic, thanks for yer post.

Alexa said...

More amazing photographs your dad took! What a treasure trove.

Oh, man. You just made me tear up a little. How the little ones just take us right back to the joy and wonder of youth.