Thursday, July 14, 2011



As I continue to procrastinate on my Mexico post (the big ones always intimidate me so!) I thought I'd share some pics I took last week of an easy-peasy tee shirt rework I did on this early 80's Police concert tee. It had been sitting unworn since I thrifted it like a year ago.




It was pretty grimey when I found it on the dollar rack at Community Thrift in San Francisco, but I love The Police and it's almost impossible to find old concert tees that have been worn to that perfect level of softness in the thrift stores anymore (let alone one from a band you actually like), so I took it home and gave it a good oxiclean soaking. This took care of all but the still faintly remaining pit stains, I know, ew right?

So I tossed it into the Bermuda Triangle of my closet (aka the box of clothes to be altered one day, but probably never). You may have one of these too. I know that some of you actually do alter these clothes though, and in my attempts to be more like you, I finally took out the scissors and turned my somewhat boxy, slightly pit-stained yet otherwise rad 80's relic into a pleasantly swingy summertime tank. Tadaa!


Anyway, I was happy with how it turned out and I got several compliments on it throughout the day :)

You can click on the picture below for a better look at how I sliced it up. I used the very ends of the sleeves for the ties at the shoulders.

Just a super simple, no sewing required, way to make a boxy thrift store tee a bit more wearable and summery!


Alexa said...

OMG. You know my deep love of all things Police. So, this is just about the most fabulous thing ever to me. And it gives me an idea of what to do with all of my oversized concert tees of yore!

Ms. Habit said...

Ooh, loving the shoulder ties most about the custom cut - what a nifty idea. Looks mighty cozy & worn in too.

Now, get on that Mexico post. Can't you tell how excited we all are! :)

Andrea said...

It looks wonderful! What a great idea :) p.s I did not know you were in that what I wore book I was talking about the other day - that is so cool as well :)

moonshinejunkyard said...

LOVE this. it's dang crafty!

summer love to you.

bonfire of my vanity said...


flaming hag folkwear said...

nice! sometimes the most simple fix makes the best change.


Teeny said...

pretty cool upcycle Missa! Well done.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I have all their albums plus the ones from before they called themselves The Police. I really adore them. So amazing. On my top 4 favorite bands ever. Now I'm going to listen to all the records I have of them because I have songs such as "man in the suitcase" in my head now.

chloƫelizabeth said...

oh my gosh i love this! you just inspired me to do the same with my slightly too icky to wear in public bruce springsteen born in the usa tour shirt.

Andrea said...

such a great idea!I have a great Trex one that this would work perfectly for :) This one in particular brings back memories... The Police were my first "tape" for my brand new duo deck pink boombox.

Milla said...

How! Did I miss this!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!? I freakin' love The Police! You know why? Because you need to add a followers button. Technology has moved on once more and though we will never twitter, or tumble or chictopize, you NEED to add a followers button. Got it? Good.

Now omfg! How I love this very modest (;D) little number. The police totally rocked my boat when I first came to the states in the early 2000s. The only radio station I could get here was an 80s station out of Canada and The Police were a staple.

When we get married can you wear this to our wedding? Oh and is half that t-shirt gonna be mine?

Ps. the word-verification for this comment is calical. You think it's trying to tell me to go back to Cali-forn-i-a? Or am I just cracked out on coffee and sugar?

Love you! Miss you! Kiss Clover-bug for me! Give Lucas a manly handshake.

anne said...

zenyatta mondatta! hahaha

super cute! i love the shoulder ties. finding concert tee's is a rare thing. you must have been stoked when you got it.

so funny cuz i just cut up a t shirt yesterday. i fringed the sleeves and cut the neck and bottom. would have liked to fringe the bottom but my mid drift is not an area i want people seeing :D

flaming hag folkwear said...

oh oh, i just had a thought: you could totally wear your beaded cardi over this tee!

had to share :)