Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Portrait of a Weekend




Listening to our friends Matt and Joey play music at Aubergine in Sebastopol on a Saturday afternoon. A functioning disco ball and wall of hearts in the bathroom, blocks at the bar... my kind of establishment! Not to mention, this bar/cafe/music venue, also happens to be a vintage emporium. Seriously. I'm not making this up.



Followed by a jaunt out to our friends, Jeff and Lily's, property for a fun-filled BBQ. We got to enjoy some gorgeous west county views before that big wall of coastal fog enveloped us completely.



Their beautiful property came with a funky little A-frame house in need of much TLC. With the help of skilled friends, it's now gutted and on its way to becoming a magical little home for them and their sweet baby girl. So excited to see how it all turns out!


Sunday lovely Sunday, in a little white dress I thrifted some time back. I think a simple white dress with just enough subtle detail can make for the perfect summer uniform.



With Clover and her buddy Finn packed in their strollers, my friend Angelina (who is also conveniently my next door neighbor) and I set off on a short walk to a lovely little backyard concert around the way.



With festive cloth buntings overhead, fresh straw underfoot, and cold beer in our cups, some of Santa Rosa's finest local musicians wove sweet melodies through the sun-dappled garden. Heavenly.







The kiddos had a blast too :)

Loved these ladies and Clover's little happy dance about 25 seconds in.



Later that evening at our friend Erin's going away party. Soon to be off gallivanting through Europe for 9 months or something crazy like that. Lucky girl, we wish you many happy adventures!



Luis, Joey, and Mike supplied the tunes and, as you can see, there were some tiny dancers, as well.



Shiny happy people laughing :)


As the sun descended, I took a walk out into the field beyond the gate.


Where I paid a visit to some very friendly goat neighbors.


Field of feathery grasses and delicate wildflowers + golden hour = photoshoot time! Julia is just one of those people. It's pretty much impossible to take a bad picture of her.



I got so many wonderful shots of Lily and her daughter Mesa too. The one above where Mesa is looking into the camera is my favorite, so precious!



I really love the hemline of this dress, and my Violet Folklore moccs too!


Swooning over my new Lost Boys and Lovers crystal bullet necklace from the beautiful and talented Miss Sadie Rose!

Sadie and I did a package swap and I was so excited to find this gorgeous piece tucked inside... needless to say, since its arrival, this necklace has been spending some serious time around my neck.


This particular weekend was the weekend before last. Last weekend was pretty mellow, giving us time to chill out around the homestead and recharge, for there lies another crazy weekend ahead!

A friend playing music Friday night, the Petaluma Rivertown Revival on Saturday (you may recall last year's event), possibly more live art and music Saturday night, and then the Sonoma County fair with friends on Sunday... oh man, I'm getting tired just thinking about it...



Luckily, I'll have my crystal bullet to keep me feeling calm and grounded through it all ;)


moonshinejunkyard said...

PURE santa rosa fun! there is a such a vivid and particular vibe over there. i was just in town actually overnight last night, healdsburg, the river, and then downtown santa rosa, but it was such a whirlwind that i didn't get a chance to try to hook up with you. it really is a great place and i loved how there are wildflowers blooming all along the 101 right now. your neighborhood is effing SWEET to have that amazing backyard concert. it looks like you are having a dream summer and i feel i have been blessed by it just to see these pictures! mmmmmm it's like a sweet warm summer breeze.

Andrea said...

I love the white dress in the woods! Truly magical :) I've also got an unrelated fashion question I'd like to ask you if you have the chance sometime. It's about an online zine I'm thinking of starting.

bonfire of my vanity said...

nothing to say my ass! these pictures say more than the wordiest of blog posts. what amazing shots! just when i thought "oh! this is my favorite" i'd scroll by the next one. that first one of clover, though! oh my goooooodness!
and you! in your field with your boots and your hair like a halo from the sun. muah~! bella!

Alexa said...

Love those ojos floating in the breeze! I think I need a crystal bullet too...

Milla said...

Oh my gosh, how wondrous to come back to the internets to this. This glorious California weekend you've captured so so perfectly. I agree with Brigit, each picture is more amazing than the last! The shots of Clover melt my heart, she's growing up and her smile just lights up the room. Everyone is so smiley happy indeed, the kids and grown up alike, faces like suns. And your outfit, your Sadie jewels, simple flower-child get-up and added grunge shirt, can you tell I'm brimming with love over here?!?!? This while post makes me miss you guys so so much! Big hugs!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love seeing how happy those children look in these photos!!! how nice. what a really cool time! I love your dress too!

Tera said...

You have such a beautiful life. I would count myself lucky to have 1/16 of what you have.

Crystal Lee said...

You look beautiful in the light of the golden hour. Looks like a super fun weekend. Love Clover's happy dance & man I sure do wish I could play the washboard.

Sadhbh said...

So it's true! California really is exactly as one would imagine it to be! So warm and friendly and laid back and sunny and full of beautiful people. I love the shots of you in the field in your white dress. Those kiddies are just edible too:)

Michel said...

I saw little lost boys here in salem a while ago & really loved them!