Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scenes from San Pancho (Mexico Trip, Part 1)


Ok people, we’re gonna take a little trip. Finally!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Would you believe our plane pulled up looking like this. Ha! Much to the delight of a certain three-year old awaiting her very first flight :D


Appropriate reading material… check. The reason for the trip? Our good friends Luis and Julianne's wedding, yay!


We happened to leave on the very morning the weather at home took a major turn for the worse. While waiting for take-off, the first raindrops began to fall. This was the beginning of what us Californians would come to call the June gloom. So the timing of our departure was perfect.


We escaped just in time, to the beautiful warm sandy beaches of San Pancho, Mexico!

Enjoying the first of a week's worth of spectacular sunsets.


The view of our outdoor kitchen from the pool. The bride and groom so generously provided the compound where we stayed with a group of friends for the wedding. We were all pretty blown away by how awesome it was!



There were 8 bedrooms and each set of bedrooms had a palapa-covered kitchen/lounge area and a bathroom in the middle.

All the units surrounded a lovely grassy courtyard, perfect for Clover to run around in and a swimming pool! With all our friends inhabiting the rooms, the set-up totally made me think of Melrose Place, haha. Not so much drama though ;)


Being the only kid in our group, first time in a foreign country, still adjusting to the not always comfortable heat and humidity, and three years old, Clover was pretty whiney and pouty for the first couple of days. Once she figured out how much fun that yellow floaty could be in that sparkling swimming pool though things started to turn around, thank goodness!

Shall we take a peak over that wall behind the pool?…

Not bad, eh?




My camera and I soaked up some local color while wandering the dusty cobblestone streets of this quiet beach town.


This scruffy little lady had a bunch of scraggly kittens which promptly scattered and hid as I approached.


Speaking of scruffy little ladies… as you can see, Clover warmed up to the place :D

Most of the gang at Maria’s, our favorite breakfast spot.


Home of the most amazing chocolate chocolate chip pancakes I have ever experienced! Maria must work some kind of crazy pancake magic on these things to make them surprisingly light and fluffy and not at all too sweet despite the way they appear. SO GOOOOOD.

The gang in Mexico

Now on to the BIG DAY! We took this group photo before heading off down the beach to the wedding. Poor Lucas was off on a last minute emergency Desitin run for Clover, ugh, don't ask.

Not a bad spot to tie the knot, eh?



Luis and Julianne’s friends and family milling about in their finery before the ceremony.


Clover’s finery consisted of this sweet little white dress we found at Skirt Chaser Vintage in Santa Rosa just before the trip. It has flowers and little birdies sitting atop musical notes embroidered on the bib!


There was a gentle breeze and the sweet sounds of a local man and his guitar as we all gathered for the ceremony to begin.


Luis was beaming as he and his dear friend Scott, who performed the ceremony, began the procession.

Followed by the moms, how adorable are they?!

And then came the lovely sisters and best friend of the bride.



Finally… Julianne, the beautiful bride herself, accompanied by her adorable nieces. She looked so radiant and quite frankly, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in her dress. Not to mention, how amazing is that veil?!




The ceremony was beautiful. So much joy. So much love for and between these two people. Luis and Julianne are a perfect pair. I’m so happy they found each other and so happy that we were able to take part in their special day :)


Family picture time! Apparently I was the only one who got the memo about the smiling.


Lucas took this shot of me and Clover walking over to the reception. It’s one of my favorites. This was also my first time wearing the dress Nicole gifted to me last winter as the sundress it was truly meant to be, no layers required, yay!

Photo ops before heading up to the restaurant.

Our friends Ben and Julia,

and Mike and Lisa. Haha, as you can see, Mike totally rocks.


The décor inside the restaurant was so lovely! For Juilanne’s hen party, a couple weeks before the trip, some of us girls got together and spent an afternoon chatting, drinking wine, eating yummy food, and crafting paper tea light luminaries for the tables.

We did this at her friend’s beautiful home overlooking the picturesque valleys and rolling hills of the Healdsburg wine country, not a bad way to spend and afternoon!



The luminaries looked so pretty all set out on the rustic wooden tables. I loved all the mismatched chairs too. Not to mention those hanging lights which looked so cool later in the evening, just wait, you’ll see.



How sweet is this little kiddo table?!

More beautiful friends… Erin and Wayne :)


And my beautiful husband. I’m especially proud of this shot, because photos of Lucas are often more likely to result in one of these scenarios…

At least you get to see one of the luminaries in action.



Our friends Nicole and Billy (aka The Dude) on the far side of the table.


On the outdoor patio looking out at the beach. Ready to grab Clover should she try to climb through the bars, it was a long way down!

Erin, Julia, and Ben looking tres chic while sipping margaritas.


The bride and groom show up to join the party, hooray!



Sister love!



Hi Julianne!




Clover took a special shine to Julia on this trip :)



See what I mean about the lights?



The happy couple during their first dance... they looked so in love.


After which the band started up and it was time to dance the night away in celebration of our two wonderful friends and their future together!

Magic Moment
Oh, and did I mention the fireworks?!?! So magical.


Teeny said...

Oh Missa, it was truly worth waiting for this post. The photos, the colours, the love!! I truly felt your emergency moment for desitin. Why does stuff like that always happen to kids when we're away on holidays! And then laughed out loud at your photo of only Missa smiling. Ha! The luminaries are beautiful as are you in your dress.

Malbatron said...


Alexa said...

WOW what a beautiful album! Melrose Place without the drama, ha! And yes, the yellow floaties are key to vacation enjoyment, as I've learned ;) Adore the papel picado banners in the ceremony, what a magical wedding. And kudos for getting a good shot of Lucas - I have a hubby with a similar affliction.

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh Missa, what an extravaganza of delights! sure enough, it was sooooo worth the wait. every single photo is my dream; there is no place that moves me and stirs my heart to vivid joy more than mexico. i want to stay in that EXACT town; every detail is perfect. so glad clover settled in and got to enjoy the water and sun and friends and dancing. what a WEDDING!!! i love those lights so much, twinkling and rustic and elegant at once, and the array of lovely guests and your darling family. sooooo glad to hear the full story and can't wait to see more.

[CozyQuail.] said...

Oh my goodness those photographs were AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL to been look through!!! The vibrant colors, the simplistic rustic tones, the sunshine-all of it was beautifully captured!

I really enjoy keeping up with the colorful adventures you have, here on the east coast!


flaming hag folkwear said...

ah, your dress! you look so lovely. the bride's dress and veil were beautiful, such a sweet sweet wedding. clover is luminescent as usual :) that is a great pic of L, i admit to suffering from his same anti-photo affliction ;) i think i am offically babbling now, but i can't wait to see part 2. hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

Tera said...

I miss Mexico. I have always felt beautiful there. I think it brings out the beauty in everyone and your photos and post capture that.

kate said...

San Pancho is my favorite place in Mexico.

Sadie Rose said...

oh my god!! so beautiful and such paradise!! Love these. <3

Andrea said...

Wow! it looks like an amazing visit and wedding :) a new mexican restaurant opened here (well, relocated after the eq) that has similar star decorations - they look awesome.

Celynne said...

Wow, talk about a fantastic wedding. And place you stayed looks so awesome! I hope I get to visit Mexico someday.

Milla said...

Girl, I feel like I traveled there and back with you. What a freakin' amazing wedding, blessings to the lucky couple, may they be as happy as you and your camera-shy hub are forever more ;)

Are you using your "serious" camera now? These pictures are wicked awesome. I'd say you've definitely got your own papa's knack for capturing the moment in all its glorious detail and shine. Billy so totally is The Dude (old TW was right. Of course ;)!

The beautiful happy people, the light, the lovely little Clover, who's just growing and growing like a little dandelion weed. Thank you for sharing this.

I miss you guys!

sally said...

this is all glorious! the colors, the lighting, everything -- amazing!