Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another weekend, another birthday in the park...

Warm Fall Day

Yesterday's outfit was my answer to dressing for fall on a day that still kinda feels like summer. Even though it's been warm lately, I'm feeling drawn to autumnal colors. In this case... pumpkin hued orange, shades of brown, and my favorite right now, deep foresty green.

Speaking of which, I'm loving this little crocheted vest I found at the New To You Thrift's everything-for-a-dollar sale. It's a perfect light layering piece for those warm fall days we seem to get plenty of. I also found the nude silk tank at the same sale and I'm liking them paired.

I think everything else has been blogged before except maybe the pretty green shell with gold leaf necklace that, unfortunately, you can hardly see. It was gifted to me by Milla and I wish I would have taken a detail photo of it, but I wear it a lot, so next time!

Clover's little 60's vintage outfit (dress thrifted by Isolde, jeans by me) went so perfectly with the felted red and white flower hairclip made by Anne. Clover and I wear these hair clips a lot. I happen to be wearing the green and blue one as I type this :)

I'm so excited that our friends (and former next door neighbors) Angelina and Christian moved back to town last week and just in time for us to be able to join them for a lovely day at the park to celebrate their sweet son Finnegan's second birthday! Um, how adorable is the motorcycle jacket tee?

Sparkles in the Sun

Finn's great grandma sparkling away in the sun, she was such a sweet lady :)

Close-up of Clover's cute hairclip. Anne, you really should sell these, we get so many compliments on them!

Christian & Finnegan

Birthday boy with papa above. Dappled sunlight under the oaks. A soft blanket thrown over crunchy fallen leaves. Plenty of presents for little hands to open :)

Angelina & Finnegan

Ah, the pony rides, always a favorite. Clover tried out a new one this time. His name was Rusty, and Finn got to ride good ol' Midnight.

Angelina's vintage dress was fabulous and she looked all willowy and gorgeous, backlit, while coming down the dusty trail. A kindred spirit when it comes to thrifting and vintage, I'm so happy to have her back around :)

Mini pumpkins, the perfect October birthday party favor!

And before I go, thanks for all the well wishes you guys, I'm feeling much better now. Annoyingly, still not 100%, but I feel functional again which is good, very good :)


Andrea said...

Fantastic! I love the hairclip and the folky Autumn vibes :)

Roo Paprika said...

What beautiful autumn photos. I love the hippy vibe of your outfit and that looks like one very cool Great Grandma

Teenysparkles said...

Glad to see you are up and about now. Oh man, we are supposed to be in Spring but today we had rain and hailstorms. I am wearing an old grandpa cardy as we speak. So...enjoy your lovely warm weather and outdoor picnics, and little person birthday parties.
All the best

Fabiola "Fab" said...

Looks like a lovely day filled with happy moments!

Justice Pirate said...

I love this outfit so much. You've got great taste.

Milla said...

Oh I'm so happy to come back to a wealth of posts by my own favorite Missa! I missed you. I hope things are getting better in your chest and your soul is fully restored to it's inspiring glory.

This birthday party looks like a blast! I love the pumpkin favors, how sensible, and I'm so happy for you to have your friends back in town.

anne said...

it looks like fun times! i love both yours and clover's outfits.

and i'm so happy you wear the hairclips often :D i did sell them at one point about 7 years ago(geez louise that sounds like forever ago)! now i just give them as gifts to sweet people like you :D
i'm glad your on your way to feeling better!

sally said...

deep dark green is my absolute favorite color at the moment too! really having a moment with it. :)

clover looks so cute with the pony! i used to wait alllllll year long for the week we'd always go to yosemite where you used to be able to rent a pony for a whole day that my parents would lead around while i rode. it was my favorite thing! maybe someday clover will be an equestrian!

really glad you are on the mend! :)

moonshinejunkyard said...

happy girls, red flowers, pumpkins, warm fall days...sweet oh sweet life is.

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

That is an adorable little biker jacket shirt that little boy is wearing. Epic as can be. Looks like a magical little afternoon, I would love a little fall picknick with my buddies.

Dear Missa! Do send me your email as soon as you can so that I can mail you the drawing! Whenever you get the chance, my email is

Peace and love to you and your lovely family Missa :)


such a beautiful post missa! thankyou so much for coming and thankyou so much for posting these. so happy to be back and closer to you.

Nicky said...

Still loving those brown sandals of yours and haven't hunted any down for myself! Clover looks adorable in her red get up, and the party looks like a lovely time! I think I'm going to use the pumpkin as a party favor idea for Elsa's 8th birthday (the 24th of this month). The girls can decorate them with jewels and pens and whatnot! :D

LadyFLASHBACK said...

looks like a delightful fall afternoon! happy october!

jess s//

anna bu said...

wow great photos, looks like a day with lots of fun.