Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A-Tisket, A Tasket

A Tisket, A Tasket

I found this awesome basket ($5) at the Salvos last week. It accompanied me all day Saturday, which included such adventures as a morning walk to some nearby garage sales, the farmers’ market, and then out for an afternoon at the beach. Garage sale finds, fresh fruits and veggies, beach gear… it’s the perfect carryall! I think it might be my answer to the much blogged about Birkin basket this summer… picnics, flea markets… oh, the places we’ll go new basket friend.

I’ve been wearing this necklace tons lately. String, wooden beads, and I love the large glazed-ceramic Mexican bead with the painted yellow flower. I found it at the New To You Thrift for $2 and it’s definitely a favorite accessory right now.

Sunshine on Straw

The garage sales turned out to mostly be a bust, though I did pick up a little white eyelet and crochet dress/tunic for $1, not vintage, but super cute and of course one can never head into summer with too many little white dresses ;)

I also picked up this book for 25 cents. We recently read Olive Kitteridge for my book club and I enjoyed Elizabeth Strout’s writing style, so I figured I’d check this one out. Anyone read it?

Basket Case

When the sun came out on Saturday, following the gray clouds and rain of Friday, I seized the opportunity to break out this gorgeous vintage 70's sundress that the beautiful Amber of Violet Folklore thrift gifted me for my birthday (which also happens to be her birthday too!) back in February.

I love it, it’s got the cutest little floral pattern, it fits me like a glove, and is sooo comfortable. It's handmade with no tags so I’m not sure what the fabric is (probably a synthetic blend of some sort) but it’s got stretch to it which makes it feel almost sporty, you know, like you could do yoga in it, it’s the perfect fun summer activities dress.

Saltwater sandals, straw sunhat (acquired from my mother-in-law), sturdy basket, and a Mexican blanket… classic beach accessory staples!

After some playtime in the sand with Clover (little sunken sand chairs are kind of their thing), Lucas and Joey took to the waves while us girls hung out on the beach, propped my camera up on some items we had with us, and played "piƱata" (Clover is a little obsessed w/ all things birthday party these days)…

…and then there was that silly game of “Uh-oh!” and some good old-fashioned Ring Around the Rosie… ah, welcome to my world :)

Basket Love

Thanks again to Amber for the lovely dress! Also, if you don’t already know her blog and shop, I highly suggest heading over for a gander, let’s just say her shop tagline “where pretty dresses grow on trees” says it all, and be sure to check out her amazing post on a magical place called The Cuckoo’s Nest, Portland’s original bohemian boutique, you won’t be sorry you did!


Sal said...

That is, without a doubt, THE perfect summer tote. Well done, Missa!

Alexa said...

Ooh, a dress you can do yoga in? I'd wear it all summer!

flaming hag folkwear said...

garage sale + farmers market + beach = bliss

Hannah said...

Oh my gosh, those videos are SO cute! Ahhhhh, Clover is so sweet! Your outfit is so perfect for the beach too, lovely!

muchlove said...

you just convinced me that I need a basket now too :)
love love love your outfit. So pretty!

moonshinejunkyard said...

okay, not only is clover the CUTEST THING EVER with her energetic game-playing, YOU are the cutest thing ever in your beautiful dress! this post is such a lovely summer beginning and basically my perfect dream weekend. i miss the beach! i love that you can take quick jaunts there for an afternoon, and by the way do you surf too? it's something i've always wanted to do but it seems really scary.

you'll have to let us know about the book; i want to check out Oliver Kitteridge.

Teenysparkles said...

Hahahahhaha, your world is so like my world!!!!!! She and you both are so adorable playing together. Love it. What a wonderful Saturday.

Modesty is Pretty said...

Those sandals! I want some like those! Your daughter is so beautiful =D

Andrea said...

My comptuer is a little slow - but it's cool to see you on video, Missa!

That vintage shop in the post you mentioned looked so fascinating too!

and of course, your dress is great.

Eyeliah said...

Very sweet videos, I am so glad you share with us so much of your lil family ;-) always brightens up my day.

Lisa said...

That dress is soo pretty, love the print and that necklace looks so versatile. Know I want to go to the beach. Oh and of course Clover looks so cute in her dress. I love that you got dressed up so nicely to go to the beach.

Mamushka Marie said...

oh my goodness Clover and her "ready set go!" such a cutie! i'm smiling from ear to ear over here :) love the sundress too! thrift gifts are the best!
mamushka marie

Milla said...

Aren't you the sprites of summer! Clover is too darling and you look like a naiad from the 70s. Had you been in Portland at the time, I'm sure you would have been asked to model for Cuckoo's Nest.

Now where is that time machine of ours...

Violet Folklore said...

The dress was made for Ring Around The Rosie action! I love the perfect swirl of it.

About 5 minutes before I saw this post I was saying to Graham "I really need a basket, I don't think I'm a real mom until I have one" :-)

Mycelia and I just watched these videos and loved them. I am especially fond of the short one of Clover wandering through the reeds. It is so nice to see such familiar moments (such as the "I'm tired").

I love the shot of the blanket, sandals, and basket. Needs to be on Tumblr. I have GOT to get some Saltwater sandals.

No, I did not know that cameo shot was you! How rad is that!

Is that yellow dock you're holding in the fist photo?

Thank you so much for the shout out by the way!

Caroline said...

The print on that dress is just plain delightful! I'm also quite smitten with Clover's outfit. What a fashionable pair the two of you make!

Caroline said...

p.s. Those videos are so sweet. It's nice to put a voice to your face!

ashley said...

i love your new basket!
and am missing the beach as the winter chill surrounds me! so am living through your blog for the season!
x ashley

Nicky said...

Olivia wants to know when she can play with Clover- hahah... I was watching these (ADORABLE) videos and she heard them. She said, "Mom, can you go to her house and then I can play with Clover?" I told her you lived far away :( Too sweet! Then she pointed to each one and told me to watch them again

Those saltwater sandals are sooo cute- didn't know they came in our size (I want some :)
Take care,

Alexandra Williams said...

I don't even know where to begin! The videos just made my day and brought the biggest smile to my face, you seem like such an amazing mother! I recently picked up lightweight weaved bamboo basket with a hinged lid that I've used for a couple of picnics so far, but I'm definitely going to have to add a basket/tote to my collection. I adore your blog!