Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weekend Fun


I swear I didn’t have a fan set up for this shot, the hair blowing breeze was real (haha)… oh, what must the neighbors think? I love it when the nasturtiums in our front yard start to climb the fence like this. They’re edible too you know, with a peppery goodness, and the flowers pretty up a salad like nobody’s business.

I wore the vintage 70’s I. Magnin nightgown I thrifted out to our friend Joey’s art opening at Mills College in Oakland on Saturday evening. It’s a pale pink gauzy cotton number with white crochet trim.


Earlier that day, Joey’s girlfriend Laura Jane and I went out vintage shopping and when she asked what I was going to wear to the opening, I’ll admit I felt a little silly telling her: “I think I’m gonna wear this nightgown I got at the thrift store.” I can only imagine the image that must have popped into her head.

Joey (arteest extraordinaire) with Laura Jane and her boys Cliff and Karl… such a stylin’ family!

Lucas and Clover checking out some of Joey’s drawings.

The opening exhibited works by this year’s Mills MFA graduating class. This is me in shadow form checking out some pieces by one of the other students.

Random shots of folks taking it all in.

I think Cliff was totally onto something with his hat, seeing as how the back of one’s head becomes such a focal point while art viewing.

I liked this girl's series of haunting paintings based on historical mugshot photos of female inmates in San Quentin.

Joey posing with Karl (his wee stylist) in front of his awesome and ginormous installation!

Laura Jane’s son Karl loves going thrifting with his mom, and is apparently real into bowties right now (how awesome/cute is that?). He provided one for Joey to build his outfit around for the opening :D

Congrats Joey, you made it!

Woke up bright and early Sunday morning to hit the flea market!

A couple of hours all to myself to wander about, browse old stuff, and dig through piles of vintage clothing… ah, bliss : )

The goods: army green fishing tackle bag ($2), vintage camera case to replace my one from Milla that broke ($4), vintage blue leather beaded belt ($5), and cute early 50’s novelty print summer top ($10).

Then we spent a really fun and gorgeous afternoon in the park for Clover’s friend Maiya’s fourth birthday party.

Piñata time!

My lil’ slugger, wearing my favorite dress of hers, a consignment shop find from when I was still pregnant.

We played at the playground, rode the train and the carousel, ate pizza and yummy homemade gooey carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, lounged on blankets in the shade, and the Tinkerbelle piñata yielded Clover’s first experience with a ring pop… I think the fact that it was candy AND a pretty accessory pretty much blew her little mind ;)

C is for cousins, and CUTIES!

Back at the homestead it was time to throw down a Mexican blanket, pop open a Pacifico with a slice of lime, and soak up the rest of the beautiful day, south of the border style.

Oh, and in the background you’ll notice something that Lucas is almost finished building… our chicken coop! Yes, it's finally going to happen, we’re planning to get some chicks real soon, exciting stuff!

Cheers y’all! and Happy Cinco de Mayo! We'll be enjoying grilled fajitas and more Pacificos tonight with friends :)


Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Oh dear what a beautiful cheery post! Dunno why but my spirits are lifted with sunshine now! Looks like a pretty cool art show you went to there, that boy's hatt is just about one of the most magical things I've ever seen, sure was on to something :P
And oh that flea market looks devine! Your finds look quite awesome, I hope you enjoy the heck outa them!
Last thing to mention are those flowers in your back yard, the edible? Are they reeally? That's wonderful! I want to get some seeds for those, my goodness those flowers have blown my mind :)
Anyhow, much peace and love Missa!
- from
Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower :)

flaming hag folkwear said...

What a beautiful weekend! Such a cute little pile of loot you found at the flea market--so makes me want to go to right now!
Make sure you enter the giveaway I am doing with fellow vintage lover Sadie, especially with your golden touch with giveaways lately (and I am sure you could find cute creative ways to use the goodies!).

Alexa said...

I. Magnin, I'm so old I remember going there with my mom! And I love that picture with your shadows on the wall. Looking forward to pictures of the chickens to come. (My last name means "chicken" in Portuguese, ha!)

kate said...

Loved the mug shot portraits and the sculpture! Wish I'd been at the flea market--out door markets are my favorites. You Californians are lucky people!

Mamushka Marie said...

flea market!? oh so jealous! i would want to take home everything!
m a m u s h k a m a r i e

Teenysparkles said...

Looks like a good time Missa. I agree with you on those mugshot watercolours(?). Those ladies all look bruised on the inside. And love how you wrapped up your day with a blanket and beer on the grass.

muchlove said...

that nightgown is so pretty, and I love how you added a colourful belt to it! Speaking of colourful, those flowers look stunning.

Oh, I love flea markets. I haven't been to one in too long.

Eyeliah said...

that wind photo is divine, lovely weekend!

Manja said...

That nightgown looks so lovely and you and so do all the other pictures! I would love to go to a good flea market again but there are none in this area whatsoever! I think the closest good one is still a 50minute drive :(

Ashlee said...

i wish i could have hit the flea market last weekend...sigh.

my mama really wants chickens but the city she lives in won't allow them.

Heidi Ann said...

I loved this post. A lovely thrifted dress, gallery opening, flea markets and finds, party pinics, pinatas and pizza - perfection!!
But my favorite picture is probably that first one - the nasturtiums!!! So gorgeous - I know my sister Tina will love it, too when she sees it - she is the ultimate nasturtium freak.
Wonderful post, Missa.

Sono-Ma: Holly White-Wolfe said...

I also spent time at the Flea Market with my boy this Sunday! Wasn't it a lovely day? Love the photo with you standing in the nasturtiums...

Violet Folklore said...

Mkay if we lived nearer not only could you come to my party but we could spend days like this together! Looks/sounds like such a typical day for me and my family.
How rad is that camera case?!

anne said...

weekend fun indeed!
the flea market looked incredible. and did i read correctly that you were alone??? very nice! you rocked the night gown, it looked amazing :D oh yeah, i loved the mug shot paintings as well, super cool!

Nicky said...

WOW, sounds like a fun time! I love your comfy cozy shot on the Mexi blanket with a Pacifico! And clover is just too dang cute with her lil cousin. Pinatas rule!!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had an amazing last the night gown:)

Milla said...

Clover is getting so big, and her hair is really long now! What a little lady she is with her giant ruby ring.

I love that you wore a night gown to the art opening, tres chic, my dear.

Those painted bags look awesome. Dresses, goodies and cute little girls oh my! What a perfect weekend.

Thrifted Treasure said...

What a perfect weekend! Stunning photos as always! You and your friends must have been the coolest families at the exhibition, I love the way the boys are dressed :-)

Aya Smith said...

You look so gorgeous in all of these photos! That white dress up on the top is a beauty... and Clover is looking adorable as ever! :)

Aya ♥

Diana said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!