Thursday, May 27, 2010


I heart overalls

I wore my Sears vintage workwear overalls on Sunday. I love these overalls. They’re soft and worn to perfection. I added the frilly little white vintage blouse, a flea market find from last year, to contrast with the rough-and-tumble overalls.

pick a hand, any hand

I enjoy a tomboy look with girly touches and the classic combo of blue denim and soft white cotton is a perpetual favorite. I think I may have also found the perfect outfit for my Sophie hat, aptly named by Milla for it’s resemblance to the one Sophie wears in Howl’s Moving Castle :)

The nigella (common name: Love-in-a-Mist, how sweet is that?) is blooming away in our garden. I thought the little bunch of pretty blue flowers I picked were kinda perfect with the outfit. I also love their strange delicate beauty just before they open, like dendrite covered neurons or feathery creatures of the sea.

elbow length


As I went totally overboard with the outfit photos, Clover played in the sprinkler, while Lucas put down fresh cocoa mulch in our veggie beds. The mulch, made up of the dry broken shells of cocoa beans, is surprisingly effective in deterring slugs/snails from getting to the plants, as well as cats from using the beds as a litter box.

Not to mention, the added bonus that it makes your garden smell like chocolate for a couple of days! Yeah, that's my favorite part. (Warning to dog owners though: the hulls do contain the components of chocolate that can be harmful to dogs if ingested.)

Sunday turned out to be just that, a day of sunshine, not at all stormy like today. What is going on with all this rain?!

Richard Shaw Exhibit

We took advantage of the lovely afternoon by walking downtown with my sister-in-law Zoe and her husband Sam to check out the Richard Shaw exhibit at our tiny local museaum.

His cast porcelain sculptures, featuring interestingly stacked and grouped objects are so cool to look at up close. Everything looks absolutely real, the textural appearance of bone, wood, paper, and cloth are so perfectly rendered. I really enjoyed his color palette too.

From a personal perspective, Lucas’ dad was part of the Bay Area Funk Art Movement of the 60's and 70's, primarily as a sculptor, (he’s now painting after an extended hiatus from the art world), knowing that Richard Shaw was one of his contemporaries back in the day made the exhibit even more interesting to see.

Following the exhibit, we walked down to a lovely French bistro with outdoor seating on the square for happy hour drinks and appetizers. Then met up with a bunch of friends for Sunday night bowling. Clover loves the bowling alley and had lots of fun playing with her little friend Niko while the “grown-ups” drank beers and attempted (in my case) to bowl. Everyone got silly nicknames up on the score moniter and mine ended up being “TOES TOGETHER LOOK DWN,” not sure why… haha Justin! See, this is why you DON’T tell your friends about your blog ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love your photos, made a comment on flickr, and of course your overalls, I hope it is ok to add your blog to the list of overalls folks on my blog, check out some of the other thrift/art/overalls folks like Lisa and Laury ! overall greetings Niels/aka bibprofessor

Marcine M. said...

I don't think anyone could look cuter in a pair of overalls! I love it!

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

the nigella is so beautiful, and your outfit is perfect!

Lisa said...

There is a ton of nigella overgrown under someone's fence for an entire block when we walk the dog and and Bea just loves the blue flowers. I love your hat and those overalls look so comfy.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I love the hat with the overalls. SWEET! and those are one of my favorite flowers. Beautiful post!

Eyeliah said...

Awww-dorable. I think the wavy hair adds a lot to it as well.

Franca said...

I love the overalls! And i didn't know there was a flower called nigella. You live and learn.

Zohar said...

Oh wow those blue flowers have a gorgeous shape! I never stop admiring how much more creative nature is of man..


Overalls are a look that I can't pull off at all (though, I don't really think they're my style). You, on the other hand, look absolutely darling in them!

Van said...

I love the stacked still lives! In your portraits, you look so cute and feminine even in overalls. No fair!

flaming hag folkwear said...

Sculptures like Shaw's are fascinating. I love the little interesting bits of family history that sneak into your posts. And you look adorable, as usual.

I almost forgot I sent those overalls! I am glad that they fit, and crossing fingers that they still will in a couple months..

Alexa said...

Wow, so cool that Lucas' dad was part of the Funk Art movement! I love the whimsy of the Shaw piece with the playing cards.

And I will forever love me some overalls. I have a vintage Sears pair too!

Violet Folklore said...

Clover has such a beautiful, friend and family filled, cultured life! What a blessed little elf child to have you and Lucas as parents, and to live where she does.

And oh girl, the overalls are so perfect. I have been searching the thrifts for a good pair for years now. Your poses and props are getting better all the time! Isn't photo taking the most fun!?

Oh and to respond to some of your comments that I've been meaning to get back to you on-
1. You are the total perfect person to have an Etsy shop, because you already have the thrift skills, the style, and the audience to rock it. It does take way more time than you'd imagine though, and if financial needs aren't an impetus you might want to just focus on Clover instead of the computer for now.
2. Yes, thank you for finding the website for the sauerkraut! Git you some mama!
3. Mycelia would fall in love with Clover too. Ever since we sent her those shoes and that dress she has talked about her like a little sister <3

Manja said...

oh how lovely! I am really diggin those overalls :)

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Must'a been a wonderful job doing genetic studies! :) My goodness that's incredible art, I cannot yet believe that's porcelein. And my that nigella is so very beautiful, you've got me dreaming about it, I litterally dropped my jaw when I saw it here on your blog. Gonna beg my mom to get me some seeds! Oh and by the way, your hair has a lovely lenghth to it! :)
- P

Caroline said...

While reading that last paragraph, I accidentally skipped a line and read, "...Clover drank beers and..." Hahaha...glad I double checked!

In other news, you look fantastic. That frilly/classic pairing is just the ticket!

angelina maria rodrigues said...

really? cocoa beans really deter those pesky snails?? that's awesome. we have so many and i hate to kill them, but i'm sick of seeing their slime trails everywhere. we will have to come and visit soon so finn can see you're little chicks. sounds like everything is lovely with you guys!