Thursday, April 2, 2009

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (4.2.09)

image via An Apple A Day

Back in early February when I first read this post about straw boater hats on one of my favorite blogs, I had no idea that the lovely and seemingly innocuous little post was actually a foreshadowing of what I can now only think to call… “The Great Boater Craze of Spring 09”… or something along those lines ;)

In it's various forms, the boater has since been featured in inspiring spring collections by Lover (the sacred hearts collection) and Marc Jacobs, is all over the latest issue of Lula magazine (which finally made it to my local bookstores last week, yay!), and can be found in fashion editorials like this one from Teen Vogue which has become a popular source of inspiration (see lefthandendeavor's outfit below).

Lately vintage fashion bloggers far and wide have been posting a lot about and while wearing (those words are all separate links btw!) this season’s most coveted accessory and I’ve gotta say… I’m loving it!

plaid gingham and straw, originally uploaded by Lefthandendeavor.

March 26, 2009, originally uploaded by kennedyholmes.
I think it’s a sweet and adorable trend harkening back to sunny days and simpler times. I love how both lefthandendeavor and kennedyholmes worked their thrifted boaters into these wonderful 100% thrifted outfits in completely different yet equally inspiring ways.

It’s definitely a thrifting-friendly trend, though like others, I’ve kept my eye out for awhile now without any luck, not even a suitable stand-in. I guess it’s not such a bad thing that they are a bit hard to come by, lest I be staring into my blogroll at a sea of boaters ;)

I'm convinced that it's virtually impossible to watch this beautifully haunting film and want to wear anything other than frilly white lace dresses, preferably topped off with a straw boater. Love the image at 3:40!


muchlove said...

Yes, the boater hat seems to be all over the blogosphere these days!
I have never been a hat person, but I've decided to look out for it on my thrifting trips too (no luck yet either).

Emerson Merrick said...

So funny! I was dying to put a clip of Picnic at Hanging Rock into one of my boater posts but I don't think I ever did. Great minds think alike!

Alexa said...

OOH I've never seen that film, it looks right up my to Netflix!

Liz said...

no matter how many times i see it, that movie always manages to leave me feeling so perplexed and weird. i guess that may be a testament to it's good-ness. but geeze, i want to know what happened!!!

kimvee said...

I really want a cute straw hat like the ones featured in those photos and similar to the hats in Marc Jacobs runway for Spring 09 :]

Eyeliah @ said...

For me, I don't want a boater at all! Maybe its my inner rebel b/c they are so popular!

Erica said...

It's funny you say this now, because I've noticed it as well. It seems to be part of a larger trend of looking back 100 years to Victorian and Edwardian eras, but perhaps more people are inspired by Marc Jacobs' vision for spring 2009. I myself have a beautiful blue boater I found last fall; just waiting for the weather to pick up so I can wear it!

Kennedy said...

Ahhhh its me! Yeah the same day I found that hat at the thrift store I found another one just like it but with a bunch of flowers at the back! It was a good thrift day for sure.

Skye said...

Private school boys wear boaters here, so they can be acquired fairly easily in certain areas. I'm not a massive fan of them for myself, although they do look cute in pictures. There is a horrible Juicy Couture fragrance (I think) print ad at the moment with a girl in a boater, and it has put me right off them

thevintageyear said...

They're so adorable, but it's really hard to imagine it being a) comfortable to wear, and b) not falling off one's head!

Meaghan Kelly said...

oh my goodness its me!!
I've been almost reluctant to wear mine because of the abundance of them everywhere. But its one of those trends that is so lovely it just doesnt matter whether or not you're being original!!!

but i agree with thevintageyear, they are a little bit awkward, even the smallest gust of wind can blow it right off your head! i bobby pin mine to my hair!

thanks for the post! xo