Friday, March 6, 2009

Yay for swap dresses... especially ones this cute!

A fun perk of having started this blog is that I get to meet other thrift-minded girls out there, and from time to time I even get the opportunity to be part of some really great thrift swapping :D


My latest swap was with with the lovely and talented, Lauren of Strike.Match, and when I say talented, I'm not kidding. She uses vintage and thrifted fabrics to make the most gorgeous dresses from scratch and I always love the wonderful little details she gives them.

Her package was filled with awesome pieces and even a few items that I had been on the lookout for, but this little dress was the item that definitely made my heart skip a beat when I saw it!

Can you believe this cute lil' thing was once a large vintage house dress?! It's pleating reminded her of my beloved green dress and she thought I would like the fabric (she was SO right). She took it in and up and reworked the bodice to transform it into this amazing dress. I'm so excited to now own a vintage dress custom altered just for me!

I recommend looking at the above photo full-size to truly appreciate the print and the construction details (oh, how I love that row of covered buttons!)


This is definitely going to be the perfect dress for those warm spring days that are just around the corner, but I couldn't wait to wear it, so I added my trusty little denim jacket that has lately become a much loved wardrobe staple :)

Except for the over-the-knee socks over tights (Target), the whole outfit is thrifted. Remember the shoes from a few posts ago? I'm loving them, they're so comfortable!

The gold "M" initial pin was from Lauren as well and I really like it combined with the butterfly pin from Milla. I think the two of them have taken up permanent residence on my little jacket for a while :)

Also, I discovered that the beautiful vintage buckles Lucas' mom gave me for my birthday make excellent scarf fasteners... now I just need to search for more little neck scarves, I thrifted this one years ago, it's got kind of an atomic 50's pattern on it.


Don't let the way my camera catches (and strangely seems to amplify) the sun through that window fool you, it was showering off and on throughout the day, giving me the perfect excuse to break out my new trenchcoat! Yup, can you believe it? Only two days after this post, I came across this chocolate brown double-breasted trench at the Salvation Army on half-off day :)

I like the color and fit of it and the double buttons, but it does have some annoying qualities, like the fact that it doesn't have real pockets, just some decorative flaps that make it look like it has pockets (???), it doesn't have a tie, and at 16 bucks even after the 50% discount, it was still a little more than I usually spend on things that aren't perfect... but hey, I was all hopped up on pictures of cute girls in trench coats, what was I gonna do, leave it there? ;)

Here's a little peak at the other lovely goodies that arrived in the swap package, I'm excited about putting together outfits with all of them! No doubt you'll be seeing more of these items in future outfit posts. Thanks so much again Lauren, I really had a great time with this swap! :D


Parapluie said...

What an amazing dress!

Mila said...

Wow sweetheart!
So gorgeous and it looks really amazing on you (what doesn't?)

Ooh, that bedroom of yours...i can't get enough of it, really. It's such an inspiration to me!

Thanks for your amazing comment dear...yes i can't wait to go to London with my's amazing!

It must be so great to do some thriftswopping with others who know your style...

I truly hope you and your family *especially beautiful, little Clover) are doing great!


Diana said...

You find the most precious things! I love this dress!

Sonya said...

Missa, here's an odd question. Are those sheets on your bed vintage? I am almost positive from the pictures that those are the same sheets and pillow cases we had on our beds as kids!
I caught my breath when I saw them and now am sorta obsessing. Me? Obsess?

Alexa said...

I love the use of the vintage buckle as a scarf fastner! What a great idea.

Eyeliah @ said...

Oh so pretty, I love these light colors all together here. I should get some stuff together for a swap!! :-) I'm starting now.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

too cute! love the scarf addition :))


a cat of impossible colour said...

This is such a perfect outfit for you, Missa! You look so much like yourself. That's a weird statement, but you know what I mean. The construction of the dress is just lovely.

muchlove said...

wow, thrift swapping is such a great idea! That dress is amazing! The pattern is so delicate and sweet. I adore the pleated skirt too.

That's a great idea to use buckles for scarves!

ambika said...

Wow. The pleating, the gorgeous fabric--what a sweet gift.

saray said...

you look adoreable

Milla said...

Wickedness! I love love love love love that dress on you. And hey, more coming tomorrow!

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh you're right it is LOVELY!
The tones and pattern suit you perfectly!

Lisa Draski said...

Missa, that dress was made for you. What a perfect gift! I also LOVE your hair - it looks so pretty and romantic and complements the dress and everything else perfectly. Beautiful, darling! :)

alexandra said...

so adorable! xo

Ansley said...

Nice pics.!! That dress is super cute and so flattering on you.

stacyinsaddleshoes said...

the white socks go perfect with those shoes.the dress is adorable