Thursday, December 11, 2008

Red, Gold, and Green

When I thrifted this dress a few weeks ago at Salvos for $4.50, I was filled with thoughts of Autumn colors and the changing leaves. Imagine my delight when I went out to the spot where I’ve been taking my outfit photos to find that our Japanese maple tree was thinking the same thing.

Its leaves were still quite green just a couple of weeks ago when I took my last outfit photo, but on Monday afternoon (jeez, how did it get to be Friday already?) the sun was shining on it in a way that set the leaves aflame.

This green cardigan is a favorite, bought while I was pregnant (hence its large size) from a local vintage store on sale for $5. I love the colorful yarn embroidered flowers, the big covered buttons, and the shape of the collar. Other than the tights, the outfit is 100% thrifted.

My cat Guinness basking in the sun. Poor thing has been limping around with a hurt paw :(

Monday evening we went on a little family outing to pick out a Christmas tree from the lot down the street. We had to get a little one that would fit up on a table high enough that you-know-who would not be able to reach the ever-so-tempting shiny ornaments.

Here’s our cute little tree, which you can see is about the size of an average window. It’s decorated with a mix of things thrifted and non-thrifted, vintage and new-bought items. Clover is quite taken with it and so am I. She was barely three months old last year so this is kind of her first real Christmas which is fun.

These weird blown-glass animals with strange pointy ears in tutus and pink ballet slippers are my absolute favorite ornaments ever. They’re not vintage, I actually bought them a few years ago at Cost Plus World Market. They are however, oddly alien-ish, totally bizarre, and even a little bit creepy… oh how I love them so!

We decorated the tree while sipping hot cocoa and listening to the soundtrack from A Charlie Brown Christmas. The best Christmas music there is in my opinion, it sets that perfect warm nostalgic mood without being cheesy and is absolutely perfect for cuddling up, dimming the lights and gazing at our sweet lil’ tree… I’ve been listening to it a lot lately :)

In case that first clip was too melancholy and you need some cheering up :)


Milla said...

I love your tree ornaments, they're amazing. And so is that dress. I really want a japanese maple for the garden when I go home. Charlie and I got one for a wedding present to some friends of his, and ever since then we've been dying to get one.

ashley said...

that cardi is amazing:)
and i am inspired to go get charlie brown's christmas cd~ that would be a great soundtrack to xmas here...the pics of autumn colours are beautiful too sweetie!
thanks for the award~ you so deserved it too:):)
happy weekend,
x ashley

amanda o said...

did i ever mention my son is OBSESSED with charlie brown??

thevintageyear said...

Love love love this outfit! I'm really digging the long cardi/short dress combo. And your kitty is adorable :)

REread said...

the autumn leaves are great. Maples are so beautiful

Nathalia said...

Your outfit is amazing, all of those you show in your blog!
I have a new one, come and give an opinion it would make me so happy!!
And I love charlie brown too..

Caroline said...

four things:
1. Hooray for Charlie Brown
2. Hooray for that strange elephant in a tutu ornament.
3. Poor kitty...
4. Merry Christmas!

p.s. Your tree is adorable! We haven't bothered to get a tree this year since we'll be spending Christmas away from home (or back home...depending on how you look at it), plus I just haven't felt terribly motivated for some reason. A little one is so cute, and seems so much more doable than a huge tree. I may have to do something similar now.

Also, I have an extra little thrifted bee (from my new wall decor fame). It's gold (I painted the other one white for my walls), but it's yours if you want it.

Karima said...

love the leaves - on your dress and on the tree!
that's an adorable christmas tree - such a temptation for kitties! and great ornaments - those birdies among the dancing oddities are the cutest!

thefashionmaven said...

i love EVERYTHING about this post. i adore how you and the tree compliment one another so well - awesome dress! your christmas tree is like a dream and your ornaments are so unique and inspiring!
your kitty is beautiful - i'm sending healing thoughts to his little kitty paw :)

Skye said...

Those kooky little ornaments are fabulous - you definitely need to keep them out of the reach of tiny paws. This post has made me so excited for christmas!

Eyeliah @ said...

oh what a lovely tree. thank you for sharing as I won't have one this year. Love your cozy green sweater, great with that dress.

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh I love love your tree! It looks so creative and homely!!
I also love your green cardi.
I am so attracted to green things and that is just darling!!

StickyKitten said...

That is so cute that you named your cat Guinness~that's my favorite beer..hahah. I like the green sweater with the floweres! Your tree is beautiful as well..the leaves are so red and fiery!

Violet Folklore said...

Absolutely gorgeous Miss Missa!

Eyeliah @ said...

Featured :-)