Monday, December 22, 2008

The Fussy Bohemian

With the cold wet weather we've had lately, I've been hard pressed to come up with outfits that involve much beyond the same old boots, jeans, and warm cozy cardigans to get me through these final days of last minute Christmas shopping.

Most of my dresses are better suited for warm weather, but when I started thinking about putting together an outfit that might be worthy of posting, I remembered this peach dress that my friend Laura Jane thrifted and gave to me months ago. It was too hot out to wear it for so long that I kinda forgot about it. I love its little pearly buttons :)

Especially paired with the granny boots, this dress could easily have gone the fussy secretary route, but I liked the combination of the peach with the plum colored floral vest and the subtle mix of patterns. Along with my little Guatemalan belt it brought me right back to my bohemian comfort zone.

I picked up this vintage 70’s denim jacket last year at a local consignment shop. It’s a little beat-up but I fell in love with it’s shape and the faded purpley corduroy detailing. All the corduroy bits were once the navy color where the sleeves have been rolled once. The original owner must have had short arms because if you roll the sleeves one more time the corduroy is the same faded purple color as the rest.

In other news: my hair continues to grow like a weed.


Skye said...

Well, I love peach things and I love long hair and I love you, so this post is a little early christmas present for me!

PS. that sounded a bit icky, but you know what I mean.

Happy christmas!
(and Raff sends one to Clover too)

katiecrackernuts said...

The op shops were sooo good to me yesterday I actually left things on racks and shelves.
I love the look you've given the peach dress. A great eye.

amanda o said...

you look adoreable!

amanda o said...

you look adoreable!

Eyeliah @ said...

oh fabulous, I need something peach.

StickyKitten said...

Merry Christmas Eve, Missa!

Milla said...

Missa you look lovely as always, and I quite missed that coat. It was in one of the first outfit photos of you I ever commented on at W_R. (In ye long ago olden days har-har)

Befriending you trough the wonderful ways of internets has been one of the pleasures of this year, and I am ever so happy of it.

I wish a very Merry Christmas to you, Clover and Lucas. Many hugs and warm wishes, and gingerbread giraffes too. (okay so maybe the giraffes you will get once we visit each other) (I have a cookie cutter shaped like a giraffe which I'm ever so proud of.)

Alexa said...

I envy the fact that you can still wear those outfits in your cold weather! I've been looking like a stuffed bear around here ;) Merry, Merry Christmas to you, Lucas and Clover!!

ambika said...

Fantastic, lovely dress! & such an unexpected color in winter. Hope you had a lovely holiday!