Friday, December 5, 2008

Abscence... Apologies... Awards!

She's offline. How do you know? She's not on the web.
(image source, that was the actual title :)

Hello friends, I’m returning from a little unplanned vacation from the interweb as my poor computer was attacked by a nasty virus this week. Luckily, my web savvy hubby was able to finally defeat it after many long hours of battle over the past few days… my hero!

As always, thanks for all your wonderful comments! I missed you guys and I’m looking forward to getting caught up with the many posts awaiting me in my blogroll :)

On that note, I was given a couple of blog awards last week that I’d like to pass on to some of the amazing ladies on said blogroll. First though, I should apologize for being notoriously bad at doing tags and passing on awards.

I’m sorry to all of you whose tags I never got to! Starting now, I’m going to try very hard to be better about doing them. In fact, I’m making it my New Year’s blog resolution!

So, without further ado, the 'You Rock' award was bestowed upon me by the always inspiring Ashley of the beautiful blog strawberry kisses and I’d like to pass it on to these lovely bloggers, all of whom ROCK of course:

The Girl Who Married a Bear (Milla)
A Cat of Impossible Colour (Andrea)
Pop Elegantarium (Alexa)
Skylark and Son (Skye)
Violet Folklore (Amber & Sasha)
The Fashion Maven (Meg)
Bonjour Mon Coeur (Caroline)

I was also given the Your Blog is Fabulous award by the amazing and cute-as-a-button Andrea of the lovely blog A Cat of Impossible Colour and I’d like to pass that one on to these lovely bloggers, whose blogs are of course all FABULOUS:

Loveology (Mila)
strawberry kisses (Ashley)
Clever Nettle (Anja)
Bagged-Lunch (Liz)
Strike.Match (Lauren)
MouseVox Vintage (Rachel)
Trish Hunter Finds (Trish)

Actually, to everyone on my blogroll, you guys all rock and your blogs are all fabulous. Thanks for all the continuously inspiring content!


Anonymous said...

glad your computer is feeling better...
was thinking of you for my giveaway this week...i think your sweet little gal would look so cute in it...please come over and enter if you like!!

Anonymous said...

Whew, it's awesome that your husband was able to fix the computer! That stuff is complicated and frustrating.

& thanks for the little award!! :)

Violet Folklore said...

Aww thanks Missa! Your support and encouraging words have been very comforting and inspiring to me and Sasha as we've tried to get this blog... rolling :-)

And you know we be loving you too right girl!?

(Graham and I are getting our RV next week and are tentatively planning a thrifting road trip, maybe in your neck of the woods!)

Milla said...

NO WAY YOU CAN DO THE CHERRY STEM TRICK TOO!!!!!!!!! Seriously, were we like separated at birth?!?!?!?!?
Thank you for the award, please post 6 random facts if you have time, and package is leaving soon, but might not make it there for christmas. This is because I've been busy with...drumroll...PACKING! I'm leaving around january 15th! So excited!

Many hugs and to Clover also!

Caroline said...

I've always wanted to rock! Thank you. Compliments are always nice, but when they come from someone you already like and admire they are so much better.

p.s. This is meant to imply that I like and admire you.

Eyeliah said...

lol we just did U Rock awards at my workxmas party,my boss actually gave me a rock, out of her garden, that she decorated, with feather and pompoms. lol :-)

meg said...

you seriously made my day!!!!!

Trish Hunter said...

Yee thankyou for tagging me!
As the girl above me said, you have made my day :)
Have a lovely night!

loveology said...

Hiiii gorgeous!
So happy to receive that LOVELY comment from you, they always make me smile! <3

Thanks a million for that lovely award, it looks so pretty and it's really an honour receiving it from you.

I hope you are fine, dear!
I'm okay, but will be better soon. ;)

Love always,


StickyKitten said...

i luv thrift candy! congrats on your awards=)

Unknown said...

Yay! You are back! Thanks so much for the award.

Anonymous said...

thank you missa!
i'm blushing that you'd even think of me...
i don't know how you do it...i could never pull together any outfits that look as great as yours. and i admire *you* for that!


yay! thank you!


Alexa said...

Thanks Missa!! Glad to know that your computer is healthy now ;)