Friday, September 5, 2008

Tea Towels and the Open Road

There's a lot going on with this post, so I hope it doesn't end up too all over the place. First off I'd like to introduce The Duck. We recently purchased this pop-up tent trailer second hand off craigslist (so that's kinda like thrifted, right?) with visions of road-tripping and comfort-camping. Our dream trailer probably would have been something more along the lines of this for just under $50,000 but hey, for $1900, you get The Duck... and we're happy with that for now :)

These pictures were taken at a campground in a local park (it felt a bit silly being literally 5 minutes from home) where we did a two night trial-run to get the hang of towing, parking, and setting up the thing (that's what Lucas is doing in the first shot), as well as just seeing how camping with lil' Clover would go. Luckily, it all went off without a hitch, unless you count the shiny new one we just had put on the Subie for towing purposes ;)

Inside it has a small sink and mini-fridge, a gas stove, and a booth table which seats four. It actually feels pretty roomy inside and the two screened beds that stick out from each end beat a therma rest on hard ground any day!

Me and Clover gettin' cozy in The Duck. While it's great functionally, aesthetically, The Duck still leaves a little to be desired in the charm department. So, in an effort to spruce things up a bit, I of course... went a' thriftin'!

In preparation for The Duck's maiden voyage which will soon involve some comfort camping along the California coast, I went in search of some sheets to brighten up the cozy bed nooks. I was so happy to find this lovely mismatchy assortment of vintage sheets at the Goodwill.

The flowery one in the first pic on the bottom right was exactly what I had in mind. I'm planning to pair it with the butterfly fitted sheet on the top left. I also fell in love with the delicate fern print on the two Vera sheets! I'll be pairing one with the bottom left fitted sheet (also a very cool plant and animal print) for the other bed nook and the second Vera will be for our bed at home.

While I'm on the subject of thrifted linens, I found these two lovelies on my last trip to the flea market. I love the embroidered butterflies on the top one and how perfect is that lil' vintage clover hankie?!

My other flea market score was two adorable vintage tea towels with a monkey embroidered on one and duckies on the other. I think they'll be perfect for the tiny kitchenette in The Duck :D

I was excited to find them, having been inspired by these gorgeous pictures from a wonderful article on vintage dish towel collecting. The article was in one of the old Martha Stewart magazines I got last month at the garage sale. Some purty pics from the June 2001 issue:

Oooh, I love this one!

Speaking of things I love, I've been pining for one of these funky floral vintage suitcases FOREVER and would let out a sigh every time I came came across something like this in the Nifty Thrift pool. Sigh no more, I found this beauty for $3 at a little thrift called Angels' Attic downtown. Angels indeed... vintage travel bag angels! I can't wait to pack it for our trip :D

It seems I'm not the only one excited about the prospect of hitting the open road and the bag can also double as a play pen of sorts in a pinch to keep Clover out of the dirt... yeah right.

The patchwork tin was another Angels' Attic find and the Holly Hobby style bonnet was salvaged from an old box of toys at grandma's house, we've been using it as Clover's summer sun hat :)

Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to welcome to the world my brand new niece Riley. This shot was taken Wednesday morning at the hospital when she was only 8 hours old! Can you believe my sister was already up and about like a champ?! Congratulations Val and Kevin, she's so beautiful and precious!


Cadmium said...

The Duck looks like sooo much fun! The bedrooms are so cozy and the bedclothes you found for them are perfect.

Skye said...

Welcome little Riley! Look at those tiny wee hands (can you tell I'm in a very clucky mood today). The duck is great, my mum has one like that and it's surprising how much room is in there. I love vintage tea towels too, I once saw a big overstuffed armchair upholstered with them, it looked awesome!

Swirlyarts said...

Oh I love the Duck! It does indeed look great - and I have to say that your daughter is adorable :)

Tanya said...

haha... at first I missed the word "niece" and i just thought HOLY CRAP how the hell did she just pop a baby out!! what what--- no belly no warning... nothing!!! and sitting there with the baby you look so unfrazzled too..?..?..!! haha it was only for a few seconds though, then i reread...:) congrats on the new NIECE! ;)

Milla said...

Oh how cute is Riley!?!!?!? Trying to give Clover a run for her money, eh? Speaking of Clover and cuteness, that bonnet is...adorable beyond words!!! You probably knew I'd be speechless at the sight of it. I am very excited to hear (and see) all about your travels. The Duck looks like a cool way to travel. Adventure ensues! Eyeayy!

Caroline said...

This post is amazing! I love all the pretty vintage linens you've scored to deck out The Duck (and I love that you have The Duck). I have a bunch of very pretty embroidered tea towells that I got from my mom, but have yet to figure out what I want to do with them. If only I had my own tent trailer...sigh. Also, that first photo of Clover in the suitcase is adorable.

Unknown said...

Love your yellow dress and loooove your daughter's name! Clover... I'm melting from the cuteness.
We used to take family vacays in the motor home up and down the Cali coast too, so much fun :-)

loveology said...

Ooooh how much i LOVE this post of yours! It contains so much sweetness, beauty and funny things!
First of all, congratulations with your niece, she looks gorgeous!
Second, the Duck is amazing...what a funny 'camper'. It should be lots of fun driving around in the Duck and being confortable and cosy inside with your beautiful and lovely daughter. She looks so happy and can someone not love a little girl like that! :)

Last, your dishtowels are absolutely amazing..i want to have some immediately, since my own ones are pretty boring compared to these ones!

Have a lovely sunday and time in the Duck, love.
Hope to speak to you soon..


Andrea Eames said...

Welcome to the world, Riley! :)

I love your trailer and all the vintage linens ... Am now fantasising about living a gypsy lifestyle, roaming the country and making my living from embroidering dish towels. :)

meg said...

i know what i'm going to send you now!
i desperately need a "duck" now - it's rad-tastic camping fun!
i am loving this post from top to bottom :)

loveology said...

Thanks for your great comment on my polaroids, dear! Your comments always make me so happy. I just know they come from the heart. ;)

I don't really do anything with them yet, just publishing them on my blog and show them to family!

Do you have a nice idea of what i can do with them?
maybe make a great collage or something...?

Love, Mila.

loveology said...

Yeah! That's awesome! Thanks so much for the great picture...
I think i will do domething like that some day...

(I still want your tea towels! ;) )

Eyeliah said...

you have everything you need ot make it perfect. I sooo want one, one day. :-)

Alexa said...

Oh how I wish I could road trip in the likes of the Duck! It's gonna be so charming with the tea towels and your other little touches.

Diane said...

Congrats on your niece... she's beautiful! Clover was so sweet in her Holly Hobbie hat. I was SO all about HH in my younger years. Also, the vintage sheet in the lower right hand was so IT! Super great finds. You make me want a camper now!!

Milla said...

Missa hurrah! "Flower Children" contains one of the best most amazing short stories ever written, called, wait for it..."Flower Children". I love that book! Have fun fun fun camping. Email mark 2 coming your way soon. Hug hug hug

Anonymous said...

Ok, that was a lot of cuteness information all in one post so I will try to keep my comments short:
1.The Duck ROCKS!! I can't wait to see it at the coast all made up in Missa fantastic!
2. The shorts and top...Hot!
3. Clover and the bag...I think it has already been said. There is nothing cuter.
4 Congrats to Val and Kevin.
5. Welcome Riley

Couture Carrie said...

What a cutie!
Love this post :)


ashley said...

i love the duck-what a fun way to travel! and decking it out with your fabulous finds- am envious! i love your blog and so happy to read all your words, ideas and see your amazing pictures- so sweet!

home girl said...

hello i've just discovered your blog and love discovering stylish mums with a major weakness for vintage. clover looks such a poppet - i have boys - not as much fun to dress - lucky you! have been documenting collections of things around the house that i have been aquiring and am now inspired to do one bout my tea-towels. look forward to checking in regularly x home girl