Saturday, September 27, 2008

Moments of Zen

I now interrupt this thrift blog to share a few moments of zen from our camping trip:

  • Sunsets with the loves of my life.
  • Witnessing folks livin' the dream (if you enlarge the third photo you can actually read the little yellow sign that says "Welcome To Our Beach House," not to mention the much better view you'll get of the scantily clad, sword wielding woman ;)
  • Great coffee and a scrumptious cinnamon roll enjoyed while experiencing the best birds-eye-view Big Sur has to offer at this cafe.
  • Eating olallieberry pie sent down from the heavens. (My nephew Ryland was clearly having a religious experience)
  • Napping under the perfect shade tree at our San Simeon Creek campsite. (Ok, so I didn't actually get to do any such napping with Miss Clover to watch over, but I enjoyed it vicariously through my brother-in-law Sam. My guess is he's dreaming of olallieberry pie here ;)


Milla said...

Such fun hon! My oh my, but it looks like a very chill time. I especially love the pic with the crow. And of course you an Cloverino!

Milla said...

wow. I really do make a lot of spelling mistakes ;P
Many hugs!

Alexa said...

That sunset looks surreal. And pie to!! I'm very jelly.

Anonymous said...

SO envious of your camping trip!
these pictures are amazing.
beaches and trees and tents... and the cutest lil' one ever!!

also, if you're at ALL an mmj fan, you NEED to see them live. not "should," but "MUST!" i wasn't even THAT much of a super-fan, prior-to.
to quote you, it was a religious experience :)

Vasiliisa said...

It looks like such a lovely trip.
I first thought you very kidding but then I checked the wiki and learned that 'olallieberries' really exist :D

Mila said...

Wow dear, this looks so amazing!
It makes me so happy seeing you and your family happy.
It also makes me a little jealous (not the right word...) but i just feel the peace and rest in these pictures that i am so hunting for myself...


thevintageyear said...

Beautiful sunsets, beautiful pictures :)

Anonymous said...

i longed for camping this year. next year will just be extra fun with the baby...shady naps and pie sound divine!
we had our house on the market for the first half of my pregnancy... we're still determined to make a move but we ended up taking it off for a bit because that was my fear - moving out/in would just be too much. i hear you on the nesting - geeze you're a trooper!

Caroline said...

It's funny...for some reason I had pictured you on the east coast. I love this part of the country. Last summer my family made our way from Lake Powell to Sacramento and decided to take a little bit longer just so we could drive up the California coastline. Since then I've thought about how fun to make a vacation out of that very route! So jealous.

Plus, a scantily clad sword wearing woman? Sounds like you, lady, had the perfect trip.

Keepersfinders said...

What a great looking trip! Is that your brother in law napping under the tree? He looks so restful and ..... good looking! ;-)
Had a good trip and it was fun spend it with your family. Clover is a lot of fun and she is probably still mad at you for not getting any pie!