Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nifty Thrift Picks of the Week (9.02.08)

Sharing my weekly faves from the Nifty Thrift flickr group where people post pics of their nifty thrifty finds.

Early 70's Smith Corona
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Tamara Kane

Motorola X-11G
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There is something so aesthetically pleasing to me about the combination of the metals and the vintage greens in these objects.

More lovely finds from weeks gone by that also fit the bill:

old tin
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Vintage cake tin
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Green n blue thrift
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vintage laundry hamper
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xo b

Vintage Breadbox
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thrifted:: green lamp
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An Era Gone By
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Skye said...

Those soft greens and blues are lovely aren't they. I'm not one for the mid-century type stuff, but I do love those colours.

Mila said...

I so love every post of you!
I know exactly what you mean by that beautiful combination of metals and soft greens...it's so pretty!

Hope you and your little girl are fine!


thefashionmaven said...

i think we are about to move into a new place and i really want to paint a room (maybe the bath or small hall) the color of that typewriter - 1st photo.
i tried with my current bath, but it ended up being WAY more turquoise and less green.

thefashionmaven said...

oh, i'm so glad you got the package and that you liked it! so, the shoes fit?!

Caroline said...

Oooh, I love that green...vintage green. The cake tin is my favorite. It's adorable!

Diane said...

So. Many. Great. Things. Love the cake tin with the jeweled top!

Thumbelina said...

Gahhh!! That typewriter, that laundry bin, that cake tin, that fan!!! Sooooo beautiful, I wish I had all of those thrift finds in my house! Your blog is so cute and your have wonderful style. Thank you for your comment hun!!
Ciao ciao,

Savvy Mode SG said...

cute finds. i have never gone thrifting before. it looks fun!

goooooood girl said...

i like......

thefashionmaven said...

i am acting like i'm cracked out right now because i am just so overwhelmed by your TOP-NOTCH thrifting and wrapping skills!
just getting the package - let alone all the amazing goodies inside- was a thrill! all those girls on vespas!!!!
i am about to go to lunch with a friend so i'm going to see if i can make an outfit with the jacket, necklace and tiny adorable little purse you gave me along with some stellar shoes diana sent last week!
YOU ARE THE BEST!!! thank you so very much. you certainly put my little package to shame!

MR style said...

ahhhhh i want your corona !