Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unicorn Love

My 36th birthday was recently. Lucas gave me a bunch of cash and sent me off to go shopping for a few hours sans baby. He did this because he is wonderful (as previously mentioned) and because that was what I wanted. It was a Friday, so of course I spent my birthday in half-off heaven at the local Salvation Army, the big one with two stories… clearly I have a problem.

Having looked for a great bookend for some time, it came to me on my birthday in the form of a white porcelain unicorn head. I have a little bit of a thing for unicorns (not a big thing, just a little thing). Now, normally I would have thought twice about bringing home such a find, as Lucas (in addition to not sharing my love of thrifting) also does not share my love of unicorns. But isn’t he dreamy?

Besides it was my birthday so I knew I could get away with pretty much anything… which is why I also picked up these two little cuties to come home with me as well and live on Clover’s dresser. Sorry Lucas…

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