Friday, December 7, 2012

Kiddo Style


I could not resist getting a shot of Clover and Maiya this morning, heading off to school in all their mismatched pattern glory!

These two have lived right next door to each other since Clover was born and along with Maiya's younger sister Claire, if there was such a thing as common law sisters...


they would definitely qualify!

In fact, growing up with her thick as thieves twin cousins right across the street as well, she pretty much barely qualifies as an only child.


A few more snaps from last weekend. On Sunday afternoon we walked downtown and stopped off at the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens for their Annual Holiday Open House.


While the gardens are open to stroll through year round, this is the only time the inside of Burbank's historically preserved home is open to the public.


They didn't allow picture taking inside. I found that out as I was attempting to capture the light coming in through this lovely window of colored glass vessels... Oops :)

Happy Weekend!


Teeny said...

Hey Missa, those are some glorious shots of Clover and her sisters. It tickles me to hear my own kids calling out to the kids behind us or next door. I always think to myself "good, that is how i remember my childhood too"...that magic of secret kid lives lived elsewhere. Eventually they're all so familiar with each other, they become second homes. Beautiful glass.....and funny that you got busted, haha. xo

Tera said...

The bubble bath photo is one of the best photos I have ever seen, period! Among all photos ever, so cute!!!!! I really love the girl's style, as well as yours!
I love nothing more than going into other homes and picking up inspirations.

Milla said...

Clover barely qualifying as an only child is very topical and interesting for me right now! She's such a lucky duck to have that 'lil B Street community to teach her the ways of sibling hood. If we ever have a kid, that's exactly what I'd want for them, lots of playmates.
What cuties.

Nicky said...

Wow that shot of the tree girls is amazingly cute!!! Looks like it could be a girl band album cover. :D Fun that they are buddies just across the street from each other!

Franca said...

That's so lovely, I hope our baby grows up with neighbourfriends like that!

Anonymous said...

aw, the pics of the girls are so great missa!!! you both are so lucky! i hope we'll find ourselves in a situation like that for fern at some point. i will remember that bath photo as inspiration and incentive to keep searching for the perfect place. :)

also, i would love to go to l. burbanks house with you sometime. i giggled at you getting caught taking least you got one good one!