Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Plum Goodness


Something I wore:

90's sheer floral maxi skirt: thrift gift from Brigit
vintage vestlet: thrift gift from my neighbor, Mary
Dansko clogs: vintage seller at a craft sale
old Target tank
shorter necklace: thrifted bits
longer necklace: earring from Herbal Symposium market turned necklace
bracelet: Herbal Symposium market


Something I accomplished...


By the time we finally got it together to try canning for the first time last Fall, we'd just missed plum season and I vowed that I wouldn't let it happen again this year. Now, with 15 deep purple jars of yummy plum jam under my belt, I'm feeling pretty good about my efforts!

I also managed to bake a tasty plum crisp AND roast a pork tenderloin with homade plum barbeque sauce. We're fortunate to be blessed with so much backyard bounty this time of year and have been making a more conscious effort to utilize it. So much goes to waste if we're not on top of it!

Tomato and summer squash are being heavily featured in meals these days including an amazing summer squash pizza that Lucas has been experimenting with. I'll have to share the recipe once we've got it perfected.


Next stop, the grape vine, and then there's the fig tree.

Happy Fall y'all!


Andrea said...

Loving the outfit post features :) Teeny commented that apparently they are back, which tickled me (because they are!).

Love this outfit-- makes me really mad I did not pick up this thrifted floral skirt recently while thrifting because it was sheer.... clearly i wasn't think that one through. This is lovely!

How wonderful that you have a plum tree and a black one at that! I made a plum jam one time and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that plums taste like cherries when you add some sugar and stew them! Yum. Can't wait to hear more about grapes & figs too....

Missa said...

Thanks Andrea! I think YOU are actually the one responsible for the "return of the outfit post" glad to do my part though ;)

Also, yes, about the cherry flavor of plum jam! I actually don't enjoy plums right off the tree (luckily Lucas and Clover do) but I do love the cherry flavor they get when you cook them.

Also, I use this pectin for jam: which doesn't require sugar to set, so I just follow their low sugar recipe using the lowest amount they suggest. It turns out plenty sweet with a nice tartness :)

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

yes, please post the squash pizza recipe. i would love it! thanks!

Anonymous said...

seconding the request for squash pizza recipe, please!

congrats on the plumming! i would never have guessed you weren't already a regular canner, so i'll continue that fantasy by imagining that you are a born natural.;) your plums must be very sweet to use so little sugar? the wild plums i use are tart little effers, and they only become palatable once you add 2/3 c sugar to one cup plums!

also, i sighed with satisfaction at the close up of the vest and the skirt. i love it when prints that don't really go together, combine in this way that creates serendipity. xo

Thrifted Treasure said...

Jam looks yum and pizza sounds delicious. Have been catching up on all your posts, beautiful photos and words as always :-)

Anonymous said...

You're so beautiful, Missa! I love that plum hue on you.

Speaking of which, that row of jars is the definition of jewel-toned bliss. I can understand why you feel good about having done that many jars -- food preservation is so emotionally satisfying.


P.S. the word "jam" is in the verification code I've had to type!

Janet said...

missa, yay for your first batch of plum jam. the color is so georgeous!! it looks so yummy. i love making jellies so much. looking forward in seeing your bounty of goods you make with your grapes and figs, as well. i love fig preserves. i am on the lookout in my area right now for some figs, so i can make some fig preserves. i really like them with toast. :) i bet the squash pizza is so good. your outfit post is so beautiful, missa. the colors look really good on you and the lighting in the pic's is so pretty and soft. :)

Franca said...

Yummy jam! Plum's my favourite. the village where I grew up, the fire brigade used to sell these massive lire sized jars of it, we always got a few to last through the year! Love your purpley outfit!

Gemma Baker said...

Oh wow, you look so blissfully relaxed, such a cool cat! Great patterns going on too. Back home we have a few plum trees that we're able to just leave to themselves, and they grow divine plums, but were always too scared to make jam. Thanks for the warm welcome, was really lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Where did you come from My Thrifty Lady??
Loving your blog.

Milla said...

Hahaa! More outfits! This time with vest. I'm all about it. I love that your outfit matches your activity. Very sweet, pun intended. I totally stole your idea of making a necklace of my earrings, but for some reason it's not as cool as yours. Sadface...