Monday, June 4, 2012

A Graduation Hoedown


Well first, I’d like to send out lots of love and thanks for all the sweet, heartfelt comments on my previous post. Really, we so appreciated all the well wishes and concern. I especially wanted to thank those of you who shared your own personal experiences or similar experiences had by friends or family.

It was comforting for us to learn, through more shared stories than we would have expected, that this kind of thing, as unsettling as it was, is not as out of the ordinary as one might think. I’m also so happy to report that all continues to be normal with our little sprite. No more scary episodes, thank goodness!

Now, how’s about a hoedown?!


We kicked up our heels at The Farm’s annual pre-school graduation hoedown, to honor and celebrate the kids who will be moving on to Kindergarten come fall, including our own little one, can you believe it?!


The evening’s fun included circle dancing, tractor rides, and a yummy potluck dinner. I wore a vintage square dancing dress that Clover spotted on one of our thrift store outings awhile back. I knew the moment I saw the dress that it would be completely perfect for this occasion!


The swings have always been one of Clover’s favorite farm activities. Notice the trusty steed she rode in on leaning against the swingset. I wish I had a better shot of her adorable red and white cowgirl boots. The shoes tend to come off pretty quick here at the farm :)


With the kids seated on quilts in front of the small wooden stage (the very same stage our wedding band played on!), the little graduation ceremony began with sweet words and this lovely poem by Dylan Thomas, read aloud by their teacher, Liz.

Liz, along with Mary (these two women are an amazing team), has shared her wonderful home over the years, giving so many children such a fun and magical early childhood experience. We are so grateful that our little gal has been one of them!


Clover chews on her dresses when she's nervous. She was the first kid to get called up to receive her “goodbye book” filled with hand-pasted pictures of fun times on The Farm and hand-written quotes from friends and teachers:

“Oh Clover! You were just a little thing when you started at the farm. We will miss your arrival in the morning - never sure who you will be that day. We will miss pushing you on the swings and watching you play house with your good friends. Have wonderful adventures in kindergarten. Love, Liz and Mary”


Ha! The unexpected perils of being a nervous dress chewer.


With her book of memories, her graduation cape, and her dear goldfish (who dearly departed the very next day :/, thankfully she took it well, life lessons abound I suppose) our girl is officially (following a bit more summer fun at the farm) kindergarten bound, and pretty darn excited about it :)

So hey folks, it turns out when “real life” and “blog life” merge into one and the same glorious existence, as mine have a whole lot recently, I find it hard to keep up with the documentation of it all! Appologies for my sudden disappearance from this little corner. I've had the pleasure of hanging out with so many blog friends in person lately, that it hardly feels as though I've been away.

It does leave me with lots of fun stuff to report back on though. I’ve been keeping up as best I can with blog reading, however, I’ve not been doing so well in the commenting department! I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things here real quick though, now that things are falling back into a more normal routine. I'm missing that sense of conversation that comes along with commenting. Lots to share friends, lots to share!


Crystal Lee said...

Your Clover is such a special little gal! My how fast they grow up. I just went to my niece’s Pre-Kindergarten celebration the other day too, though Clover’s hoe down is so much cooler. I love her get up and her cowgirl boots. You look pretty dang cute too in that square dancing dress. Happy Summer to ya!

Sadie Rose said...

Wow, i hadn't read your blog in a while and i just read that last post. i cannot even imagine how your heart felt in that moment. how slowly those minutes moved. i am so glad you are all well and beautiful and healthy and that i got to see you for a bit in nevada city...thanks for making the trek. clover is tres hip and tres cute. xoxo

bonfire of my vanity said...

aww, sweet girl. i love the chewing dress shot, that will be a beloved picture when she is old and gray, i bet. and you! what an outfit. i loved it, head to toe!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

awww the thing about chewing her dresses is so adorable but sad at the same time! That is much better than chewing on the insides of her cheeks like my 5 year old does.

Celynne said...

Bahaha, you have to pull these out at her wedding :D Or at least mention it! She's a cutie, and KG already!

Nichole said...

what fun! congratulations to clover and her big adventures, and to you and yours for raising such a clever girl! cheers all around!

Milla said...

Oh sweet Clover! Congrats on your graduation. What an adorable tradition! Those ladies know how to throw a hoedown (have you ever thought of where the name comes from? -Put year hoe down it's time to party!) I love the dress chewing picture! It'll be a good one to bust out come those teenage years.

Alexa said...

Aw, how sweet, congrats, she's getting to be such a big'un! Love that she chews her dresses, I would apparently lift mine repeatedly at her age. And yes, my family still loves to embarrass me with the pictures.

Ginela Gonzalez said...

YAY Clover is a graduated little lady now! Oh man that looks like the most magical place to learn the wonders of Pre Kindergarden. Dam, even the teacher lady has a wicked farm dress! May Clover's little gold fish rest in peace and may a new kindergarden life begin for the Clovermeister! She's got kickin' cowboy boots, they are unbelievably cute. It would be awesome to see her grow up and continue the fashion blogging tradition like her thrifting queen momma :)

Well I am happy to see all things are wonderful and may they continue that way. And may your pretty garden flowers keep growing :)