Sunday, May 6, 2012

Color Scheming


Outfit post! Remember those? 100% thrifted. Wore this to the flea market today. The first of the season. Hooray! The red sunhat and dansko clogs are recent finds that I can already tell will be getting a lot of wear.


I’ve never owned a pair of danskos before and now for only 5 dollars, I finally know what all the fuss is about. They really are quite comfortable. They make me tall too. The mushroom tote, which I love, was a gift from Milla. I have been toting it with me everywhere I go of late. I get lots o' compliments on this bag.


Speaking of rad bags, a few scores from today's flea market: Soft leather backpack (seven bucks!), a gift from the seller’s mom back in the late 70’s, vintage wooden ring toss game with original box ($2), and enamel bowl with floral motif ($1). I love how perfectly these finds match my outfit too :)


Franca said...

such lovely stuff! i particularly love the rucksack!

Milla said...

Yaya! Outfit post! And what a totally awesome outfit. I'm happy you found new clogs, since the other ones broke. Dang girl, it looks like summer in California. I can't wait (but there might be a little snafu in the proceedings I'll try 'n email you guys today)

Kristen said...

wow. amazing leather backpack.

anne said...

nice! great finds and outfit! i do love me a good outfit post, especially by you. that leather bag is pretty perfect and the enamel bowl is rad.

i thought of you last night, i used your bay leaves in my pasta sauce :D

Mrs. Habit said...

Always happy to see an outfit post (you do them best!) and, that leather pack?! 7 dollars?! Get. Out. Super, serious score there!

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a sweet outfit! Love it all! And yippee for first flea markets of the season -- I'm hopefully hitting one up this weekend!


bonfire of my vanity said...

you are too cute, my friend. loved the pictures from your garden party post, too. what a beautiful woman your hostess is. really stunning.

Celynne said...

$7 for that bag?! Lucky duck!