Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don we now our gay apparel...


This was last Friday. There was a little Christmas party at Clover's pre-school. I wore the red corduroy jumper that arrived in Anne's package along with the cozy cowl she made and Clover looked adorable in her festive layers.


Her outfit also included several gifts from packages of yore, the felt flower hair clip (another of Anne's crafty creations), the little girl on a swing necklace from Milla, and her green "Gretel" skirt from Nicole.




All the kiddos were given jingly bells to carry as we went off caroling up and down the street. We went to about 5 or 6 houses, mostly elderly neighbors, whose faces lit up and broke into smiles at the sight of the wee carolers :)

The final house belonged to the most adorable older husband and wife who invited us all into their living room to gather 'round the piano and sing along as she played Christmas tunes!


You'll never guess who we found up on the housetop as we made our way back!


Indeed, Santa himself paid an early visit to The Farm, much to the little ones' delight, with gifts of homemade playdough and tiny stuffed bear ornaments too boot.



The brand new baby sister of one of Clover's classmates had her first encounter with Santa and peacefully slept right through it.




Dixie cups full of warm cocoa and whipped cream, red and green playdough everywhere, these kid's know how to party.



Paper stockings were hung by the overflowing bookshelf with care, each kid's account of what Santa would bring them for Christmas this year. Apparently, Clover is getting a unicorn and some bandaids. Fanciful, yet practical, that's my girl ;)



Clover's teachers rigged this up on the fly (harhar) early on in the week and the kids played Santa's sleigh for days! Her teachers are so awesome like that, they come up with the best stuff. We are so thankful that Clover gets to experience the magic that they create here at The Farm. It's a pretty special place.

Now for something else pretty special...


Look who I got to hang out with! A couple of weeks ago I met up with my birthday twin, Amber, fellow blogstress and the brilliance behind the beautiful vintage Etsy shop Violet Folklore, for a couple of hours of girl time in the town of Napa. We did a little thrifting and chatted over beers.

It was fun to spend some one on one time with her, a chance to get to know her a little better, with no wee ones to distract us. Of course, not only do we share a birthday, we also each have a little girl, both of whom appear to have inherited their mama's love of clothing and style in spades!


Amber, super cute outfit and all, struck a pose in the bathroom (something she's been know to do before ;) with her brand new camera, complete with gorgeous leather case. Thank goodness for this camera, because after a long absence, she has recently been blogging up a storm! You can even read what she had to say about our little meet-up here.

I had such a lovely time with Amber, and I'm so glad she'll be giving us glimpses into her world again :)

As for my own bloggy absence of late, as usual it seems, the more there is to document, the worse I get about documenting it! It's frustrating, and one of blogging's great conundrums. For me anyway. I'm just not speedy when it comes to blogging. It takes time to compose posts as well as trying to maintain a commenting presence on all of the blogs that I love, there are too many of you!

When I start to get overwhelmed I tend to shut down. So whenever I disappear, that is usually what the deal is. Not to worry, I always come back. I can never stand to be away from my bloggy sisters for too long ;)

Lately, with holiday happenings and Clover now on Winter break from pre-school, time is even more limited than usual. Therefore, I may continue to be a less than efficient blogger/commenter in the days ahead. Just know that you are in my thoughts dear friends and I wish you all wonderful holidays full of laughter and magical moments!


Mrs. Habit said...

three things:

1. I feel the EXACT same way as what you just described about the blogging woes. Like, dead on.

2. Clover is so cute she deserves a whole first aid kit full of fresh bandaids.

3. Your hair looks lovely with a side part :)


Teeny said...

Haha, i remember the year that my son asked for batteries from Santa! Don't kids just adore bandaids. to wear like on every available space possible. Dude, that Farm place looks soooo very special. Lucky Clover. I'm glad there are still adults around encouraging the magic of Christmas. I'm a big believer in Santa you betcha. Have a lovely Christmas Missa and fams. Love Teeny xx

Violet Folklore said...

Missa! So interesting that we posted about these blogging conundrums on the same day. Birthday twins... Solstice twins?? :-)

Isn't it great though how all these wonderful folks are still here when we come back though? I am so pleasantly surprised and delighted by that, and I've loved catching up with everyone.

The rocking horse sleigh is so cool. it really takes so much creativity and patience to be a good teacher of young children. As you said, you're very lucky to have The Farm. (I mean, it's the perfect photo backdrop!). What's Clover going to do for kindergarten next year?

I seriously still can't believe how much bigger she has gotten. I love the photo of her leaning over the back of her chair. We need to get our girls together again.

So, so sweet about that couple inviting you all into their house to sing Christmas carols! Kills me. That's video material right there.

So glad to see a post from you. So glad we've been connecting lately. Love.

bonfire of my vanity said...

what an awesome school! you both look very gay in your apparel. i could probably stand to back up off my blogging, maybe i need a little of what you have. glad to see all is well with you and yours. happy holidays!

moonshinejunkyard said...

awwww you and clover are the BEST christmas elves ever. what a wonder that couple had to invite you all in...i can just hear the ruckus and the jolly voices now!

i totally agree with teeny that it's rad to see a little school just full on embracing the magic of christmas. i am sure that her little farm embraces all types of celebrations and that is the kind of environment i love best. so adorable that they had santa claus arrange a visit, dang that is going to some lengths! i love her teachers, vicariously.

merriest christmas ever you beauties!

Andrea said...

I seriously love these outfits! I hope you have a great Christmas, Missa!

Tera said...

How fun!!! Merry Christmas xo

Tera said...
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Nichole said...

Thank you for sharing these little moments in your life!I completely resonate with the shut down sentiment. I myself have not been dutiful to my blog. But yes, we can always come back! I've always loved reading your blog, and I look forward to more posts in the new year! Happy holidays!

Alexa said...

I love the jumper and the paper stockings, what a lovely picture of Christmas.

I also feel the same about blogging...I think the sphere can put a bit of pressure on us to be frequent, when really there is no need; blog when inspired, I say!!

Here's to a wonderful New Year for you and yours in your little beautiful corner of the world, Missa!

xo Alexa

Nicky said...

You and Clover are stinkin adorable in your Christmas attire. The farm really does sound like a magical place- I love that they set up the horses and sleigh. What a fun meet up with Amber without wee distractions- musta been fun. I'm gonna go check hers out now :D Happy Tuesday!

anne said...

you both look adorable! i love the layers. i'm so glad you two wear the hair clips. i remember i just threw them in thinking you might wear them once or twice, i'm stoked you've gotten good use out of them :D

clover's school seems pretty darn cool. she's just a lucky girl all around!

i hear ya about blogging. i read your comment on amber's post and totally agree! i do the same thing.

i hope you had a marvelous christmas!