Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well, halo there.

Hey, remember when I used to show y'all what I was wearin'? How 'bout a lil' outfit for ol' times sake?

vintage embroidered smock: new gift from Milla!
necklace: swap gift from Lauren
tee: clothing swap
jeans: thrifted
boots: thrifted

I recently received a package filled with loveliness from my girl Milla. This adorable smock was among the many treasures tucked inside. It felt like the perfect thing to wear berry pickin' with Clover on Labor Day :)


At the fountain downtown before our berry picking excursion. My little girl is growing up you guys. She's one of the "big kids" now at her pre-school and I was informed today that she is blossoming into quite the little ring leader. Apparently, she's got herself a pack of two-year olds following her around doing whatever she says!


The fruits of our Labor Day. Just enough blackberries for a pie, and a super yummy pie it was. We ate half for dessert tonight still warm from the oven with vanilla ice cream.

Hey, remember when I used to show y'all my thrift finds? How 'bout a few of those too? You know, for ol' times sake...


new favorite ankle boots (VNA & Hospice Thrift, $3.50)


new favorite belt (flea market, $4)


new favorite cowboy boots (flea market, $8)

I guess you could say I've been lucky with leather this summer. Perfectly worn, honey-hued leather. Those cowboy boots... simple, flat-heeled, round-toed... I have been dreaming of those very boots for YEARS!

A certain pair of vintage brown corduroy overalls should really be included among this line-up of favorites too, but we'll save those for another outfit post.


Don't I look saintly with my halo? I swear, I did not photoshop that in. Just call me Our Lady of the Thrifty Heart ;) Blessings of magical thrifting mojo to all!


Thrifted Treasure said...

Oh yay! Glad to see your outfit and thrifted finds back :-) Now bring back Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have really found some fabulous thrifty treasures this summer! I completely agree with you on the new smock you've recently received-it's adorable!!! You always seem to pair some really great ensembles together for any occasion!

...And that bowl of fresh blackberries looks sooo delicious as well! It seems your Labor Day was certainly well spent. :)


Tera said...

I really love your outfit! Okay, those thrift finds are incredible, I need that sort of luck. I love the Clover update, doesn't surprise me. xo

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh yeah, you are absolutely the angel of thrift. and how could you not be angelic in that ADORABLE pinafore?!! you and clover must have been quite the whimsical berry-pickin pair. give that little smarty pants some love for me, and tell her not to grow up too fast ;)

bonfire of my vanity said...

I LOVE THAT SMOCK. i want to marry it and have smock babies. my kiddo is now one of the big kids at his school, too. isn't it weird? he's going to kindy next year!!! PANIC!

Alexa said...

Boots! I wish I had me such luck, I can't get enough! And I'm sure Lena would follow Clover around, too ;)

Andrea said...

ha ha! what a lovely post! I have to admit I have some serious boot envy. I recently picked me up a pair of cowboy boots. They aren't quite as stellar as yours (nor as good a deal) but man are they something pretty. Are yours actually for women? Mine happen to be for little boys, which suits me just fine.

Anonymous said...

i have almost the same ankle boots. aaah. missa, i read your message on flickr. thanks so much. you're so lovely, but i was too busy to answer. will do that asap. :) kiss. love, lieke

Milla said...

Hahaha! Clover the Ringleader! I love her so. Of course she would be raising hell with an adoring crowd of younger fans! I'm glad you like that 70s teacher-ish smock. I like your thrift finds. It never seizes to amaze me how awesome your thrift scores are. Never. Hubby has a buffalo nickel belt too and I love it and wish it was mine. And it's nowhere near as awesome as the one you've got. I've missed your Missa-esque outfit posts more than you can believe. I often go to your flickr stream for inspiration when getting ready to dress. Weird? Maybe. Stalky? Possibly. Full of admiration for my internets sister? For shure. You can be my ringleader any time, Missakin.

flaming hag folkwear said...

charming little smock! it gets bonus points for having nice big pockets, perfect for gathering goodies edible and not...
the ankle boots are awesome. i hadn't realized how much i miss your outfits and thrift finds :)

Celynne said...

Clover is adorable as usual. Those blackberries look so tasty... And great cowboy boots, awesome find! I really need to go thrifting again, before real cold weather sets in and I find myself with nothing my size to wear.

Leora said...

Those ankles boots!! What sweet score!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love the anchor bowl

sally said...

you look beautiful! and all those BOOTS, my dear!!