Monday, September 26, 2011

Regatta Mama


Clover and I dressed up all old timey for Sunday's big event, The Handcar Regatta. There's been so much going on around here lately that I've had to check out of blogland completely. Dang, just when I was getting back into the swing of things too!

Last weekend was non-stop, bachelorette sleepover party at a house on the river, my neices' birthday party (3 and 6 years old) followed by our friend's 40th birthday party, and then the Regatta. Next weekend is shaping up to be just as crazy busy, with more birthdays (including Clover's!) AND the wedding of some dear friends.

I just wanted to pop in and quickly share some images snapped while wandering around during all of the hullabaloo yesterday. People really stepped it up with the costumes this year!





We spent a good portion of the day hanging out by the Whiskeydrome watching our Whiskeydrunk Cycles friends get soaked in their latest contraption, the WhiskeyDunk Dunk-A-Drunk dunk tank. Highly entertaining!







Yup, that's my girl.



She's quite a handful ;)

We're having fun, but I tell ya, now that Fall has officially begun, I'm definitely feeling ready to slow down and mellow out. I miss connecting with all my beautiful blogstresses and I'm looking forward to having time to catch up! In the meantime, I hope all is well with everyone and I'll "see" ya in another week or so :)


moonshinejunkyard said...

holy shite, you two look AMAZING!!! this was the moment i've been waiting for...this event is bigtime eye candy and i just sit here and drool over it all! the elephant float thing is soooo rad. i think in another incarnation of myself i am a steampunkjunkie. dude that girl with the banjo...can i BE her?! but seriously, i think i like you and clover's get ups best of all. your victorian lace and bowtie and bustle, and the black and peach color scheme, the paper umbrella, clover's striped tights and petticoats and puffed sleeves, and rather forlorn lady-of-the-night-and-orphan-girl approach is so glamorous and romantic and bewitching! i am just dying over all this.

meanwhile BREATHE and enjoy it, soak in the fun, and then take an even bigger breath and fall into a giant metaphorical feather bed of relaxation and quiet for a good long time. sometimes doesn't it sound nice to be a hermit? ;) but really...let the good times roll for now!

Celynne said...

Great photos, everybody looks so cool, and some of the costumes are so fantastic. You and Clover look great! The detail on your skirt is fantastic. Talk about busy, but at least it's all with good things. That last photo of clover with the giant hand is too much :)

Alexa said...

That outfit is killer. Love the shot of Clover in the hand.

flaming hag folkwear said...

you two look beautiful! your outfit is amazing. did you assemble it? C in the dirt, awesome...

i imagine that the girl in the headdress was supposed to be the focal point of the second photo, but i am totally taken with the fabric draped beauty who has her back to the camera--it looks as if she fell out of a Mucha piece. what a fun day, so much good people watching :)

hope you and yours have a lovely bustling week!

p.s. happy early birthday to miss C (and anniversary of mamahood to you)!

Mrs. Habit said...

Gosh, it seems September has been a frenzy for everyone here on blogland. I've noted several drops in posts, and apologies and such. Myself included. I've barely been on here the past few weeks so it's nice to know I'm not alone. Also great to log on and see you and your girl at this fantastic event. So cool! And how creative are all those getups?!

Love it.
Cheers to Fall sneaking in and birthday celebrations around the corner for sprightly little Clover.

Crystal Lee said...

What fun! You & Clover look amazing! She is going to have so many lovely memories to look back on.

anne said...

awesome costumes! you and clover look amazing!

i always love seeing your photos from this event. it looks so cool. dunk a drunk- rad!

Andrea said...

Amazing outfit and umbrella. Looks like a very fun event!

sally said...

fabulous, all around! amazing shots! you should frame the one of clover inside the hand.

looks like we're going to the bluegrass fest on sat -- will you be there? sounds like you have a busy weekend, but if you are down this way and have time, let me know! :)

Teeny said...

YES YES YES! I've also been waiting for this post....I remember last years one - kinda. I love how Clover is holding on to your leg in the first photo. Reminds me of my little miss. Always hanging on, especially in the crowds. My daughter will be gobsmacked at your costume when i show this to her tomorrow...she is genuinely interested in draping and textures and reflections of layering fabric. I'm glad you got to go. And I'm glad you're living a real life! xxx

Milla said...

Oh my gosh! You guys look amazing (no pictures of Lucas' steampunk get-up, tho? What's with that?). I love the Clover take on the stripey socks in rainbow. Very cool. Man. looking at you and Heather's party pics really makes me wish there was something like that around here. I'd love to go to a party where people put in the effort and dress up and have fun. There's nothing half-hearted about the scene we see in your shots. It's a reality totally transformed. So awesome!

Milla said...

Oh she looks so much like you in that pic where she's sitting one the ground. Love her.

chloƫelizabeth said...

you two look fabulous! I love this event, it looks like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

what the...holy crap, how did i not know about this?!?! i am officially out of the loop if something so awesome is not even on my radar. you and clover look AMAZING. i love steampunk, and you both wear it well. those striped stockings on her kill me with cuteness! well done mama!

enjoy the fall flurry, and while i love your posts, don't hurry life so fully suits you! xoxox

BlogMagiLuna said...

Oh gosh, this looks so fun and beautiful! I wish there was an event like this around where I live! It would be so cool to get all dolled up like that!

grunt03 said...

happy birthday to clover!

give her a hug from bill

Thrifted Treasure said...

OK, I know I'm repeating myself, but your photos are always so beautiful! I LOVE the last one of Clover in the giant hand, very cute!

Nicky said...

You gals look amazing... not to mention the rest of everyone who got involved in dressing up! Looks like a good turn out :D HOW fun... and Happy birthday to Clover :D

gold fawn said...

the two of you look real lovely.