Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On a Sunny Saturday

Sunny Saturday


Can you tell how in love I am with my new-to-me Minnetonkas? Yeah, I pretty much just gaze at them longingly all day long ;)

These Boots <3
See, there I go again!

Saturday’s outfit:
Plaid jumper: Crimson & Clover <3
90’s floral rayon top: thrifted
Old gray leggins: thrifted a million years ago, I think
Vintage Minnetonka Moccs (I love the side lacing!): Violet Folklore <3
Hand-crafted leather and recycled chain owly necklace: Flaminghag Folkwear <3
Hand-crafted leather butterfly hair-clip: Milla <3

So many beloved bits of leather going on this outfit, and it’s always quite satisfying when a plaid/floral combo works out : )

Sweet Scented Side Yard

As I was documenting my outfit, I couldn’t help but take a break to capture our massive rose arbor, which has just over the past week started blooming profusely. It grows right out toward our kitchen window and fills the side-yard with the sweetest scent.

The bees are loving it too! This little fella kept following me around, buzzing in front of my camera lens. I suppose even bees need their 15 minutes ;)

Clover Under the Roses

As Clover and I observed them buzzing from bloom to bloom out the kitchen window yesterday, with a look of adorable concern, she asked me “Do the bees sting the roses?” Sometimes it’s so fun to watch her little three-year-old brain at work :)

Saturday afternoon Clover and I went out to Hopmonk Tavern (yes, the very location of a certain very fun night the weekend before!) with my friend Angelina and her little boy Finnegan to enjoy some free festivities going on in conjunction with the Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival.

The sun was shining, the beer was tasty, and an old-timey bluegrassy band was playing out back… meanwhile, out front…

Our boys Joey, Klaus, and Josh along with the rest of the expanding Wiskeydrunk crew had their gravity-defying cycling spectacle, the Wiskeydrome, set up and in action.

Clover and Finn had front row seats and even got to try to hit the guys with small bouncy balls as they whizzed by, fun stuff, and probably pretty safe too!

Upon Finn’s request, Klaus tore it up on a tiny blue kid’s vintage Schwinn.

We also witnessed the successful execution of the, never before attempted, no-hands pass, woohoo! Hey, does that parachute tent look familiar?

Clover and Finn, let their freak flags fly ;)

Photo-op on the old-school tandem cruiser. Clover’s adorable floral dress was a gift from Amber that arrived along with the beloved moccasins I purchased from her shop. She also threw in a super cute bonus blouse and cardi for me as well! Thanks Amber!

Upon Lucas' arrival we were off to a BBQ/gathering of friends nearby.

Clover losing it after a long day in the sun.

Blue skies and BBQ lead into an evening around a blazing fire with the full moon overhead. We'll be meeting up with a bunch of our friends who were there in Mexico next month for the wedding of our wonderful hosts, Luis and Julianne, can't wait!

Good friends, good food, and a bunch of full moon loony kiddos!

And what blog post would be complete these days without a gratuitous kitty pic? She belongs to our friends who hosted the BBQ. She has kitty thumbs. Unfortunately, they aren’t visible here, but trust me, they’re there, and they’re super weird and kinda rad. Apparently, they help with writing poetry too, as evidenced by our friend Luis' recent status update on fb:

“I had another weird dream last night where I found out my cat wrote a book of poetry and it was called ‘Me.Yow.’ I was trying to find it on Amazon and was mad she never gave me a copy. Weird dream weird cat.”

I thought that was pretty awesome :)


moonshinejunkyard said...

that cat tidbit is so rad! my cats have several neighborhood friends that have thumbs and i do think there's something special going on there. what a beauty this fat dude is!

your saturday is basically my favorite kind of saturday ever in the whole wide world. you live in a pretty dreamy town my dear, with such lovely activities going on.

and the whiskeydrome is how i envision the future, miniature traveling circuses of fun bringing communities together. those guys are RAD and i love the kids' involvement.

glad to see you shining in the sun love!

Anna said...

I'm in love with that dress!! And I love how you paired it with the floral shirt underneath.
ps. Your family attends the coolest events!

LadyFLASHBACK said...

LOVE this flower child look :))

clover is turning into a pretty little lady-growing up so fast!

jess s//LadyFlashback

Thrifted Treasure said...

Beautiful photos, so dreamy! Your little on just keeps getting cuter, I lover her little outfits!

Andrea said...

Well, I would buy Me.Yow! Love the clothes and spring time vibes in these pictures.

sally said...

aw, love the gratuitous kitty pic! when are you going to get one of your own again? i remember you were thinking about it before. they are such good pals to have around! :)

i love that you mixed plaids with floral! so inspiring. your fashion risks always pay off! i saw a woman coming out of the train station wearing a black and white striped shirt with a floral scarf a couple of days ago and was determined to copy her sometime!

your backyard looks so idyllic -- an arbor, my goodness! oh, and clover's dress is totally awesome, as is your butterfly clip! sweet. i can feel a real semblance of spring coming on finally after all this grey and rain.

sally said...

p.s. i had a bouncy horse just like that when i was clover's age and it was the beeeest!

AND your new shoes rule!

aaaand i am really excited for your trip to mexico! i can't wait to read all about it! :) vicarious livin!

Violet Folklore said...

I love the photo of Clover losing it! And I am so glad to see that dress on her. I don't remember if I've posted about it before, but Graham bought it for Mycie for Mother's Day when she was 1 and she has worn it ever since. She squeezed into it a few months ago, but it wasn't gonna last much longer. We all gathered around the box when I was preparing your package to say goodbye to it. Graham especially had much fondness for it.
The mocs are new-to-you, but as I said in the listing I'm pretty sure they had never been worn. SCORE! I gotta find me a 7.5, how have I lived this long without some?
So happy to see your warm weather, pretty dresses, friends-and-family-gathering posts are back in action. This plaid and floral thing is very inspiring.
That bee better pay you back if he ever makes it to the big time :-)

Milla said...

So much that I love in this post, but first things first: I love your new mocs! That 3rd picture just kills me. I would gaze at them longingly too I guess. In fact I'm doing it right now. While I'm starting a mocish-website.

Heck I love this whole crazy 70s/90s medley that you do so well, flowers plaid, leather, oh my! Throw in so owls and butterflies and you've got yourself a party. Apparently.

Second of all, roses, bees and Clover, gaah! I miss that kid (and all the Missas ;) something fierce. I love the crazy grins, but I gotta ask is she giving you the finger in the freak out picture? That kid is all punk rock...

And Cat thumbs! I know about those. We saw this freaky giant cat once on one those adventures in the Olympic Peninsula, that I always meant to post about but never did and it had thumbs. Freak out!

ps. it's all kinda gone to s***sville since I joined Heather's gratuitous catshot party and Sara came into our lives right. Once you get your kitty we should start a catlog. And you better hurry, since right now Heather and I have cats, and you and Amber have kids, but once Heather and I have kids you'll have a hard time keeping up with the Joneses. Or the Millas and the Heathers as the case may be.

That's all.

Oh wait.

I love you.

Will you marry me and run away to the 70s with me?

Milla said...

Wow. You'd think they hadn't invented email, based on my comment.

Manja said...

Oh, the festival looks so lovely! I wish we had something this great here. Well, I guess we do, just not in my town, haha. At least Queen's Day is coming up here in the Netherlands, I am already looking forward to that...and to the gigantic fleamarket that comes with it!

Andrea said...

Hello again Missa! Just wanted to stop by again to say thanks for the lovely comment about my seam ripper piece - your blog and wonderful approach to life and clothes was definitely an inspiration for that kind of thing which I may not have been brave enough to put forward otherwise!

Ms. Habit said...

Well I can see why you are smitten with those boots - I found the ankle version in a thrift store a few years ago and have been faithfully devoted ever since. Another beauty is that rose arbor in your backyard! What a perfect lunch spot. How lovely it must be to sit beneath that. Those colors are so vibrant. Beautiful. And lastly, if your cat ever does publish a book, please be sure & let us know. I've yet to include any cat poetry in my collection you see?

Hahah, oh, and Milla is pretty much hilarious. Hope you have a happy Easter!

Nicky said...

Your boots are a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! and you look adorable as usual!!! That bluegrass show looks like so much fun. I've been listening to Mumford and Sons non stop and think I'm way over due to go watch a folky bluegrass kind of band soon!!!! :D Happy Easter to ya!!!

Sadie Rose said...

damn girl you lookin soo good! every lady needs a good pair of moccasin boots. you and clover are such a darling team....straight to the heart it goes. I am so tired I probably shouldn't be commenting in case my syntax is disastrous, but i just can't help it!

bonfire of my vanity said...

i looooooooooove this, missa.

Teeny said...

i remember your bbq posts last year, and i loved them too. maybe i just love bbq. we spent the night at steve's auntys house the other night, they have ponies, chickens, birds, eels, cats and kittens...AND we had BBQ. The night was warm, and the kids were sleepy. Perfect. Your day looks awesome, I love that you get out and do stuff with little Clover and hubs in tow. The arbor Rose is amazing, the most gorgeous colour.

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

MISSSAA!!!!! Do you remember me? Ginela? If not, I wouldn't remember me either, I have been an unparticipationg ghost on blogger. Been quite busy with my senior year in highschool and with my music and college auditions and what not. But I havent forgotten about you or that drawing of Clover's name the I owe you! I can see your're still a majestic lady with the most coziest of posts. I both evny and cellebrate your rouse arbor! I bet it cellebrates itself haha. Well anyhow, I hope you and your family have had many lovely months this year. You remain my most favorite blogger thats for sure! I hope I come back to this cozy scene and not miss out on your posts again. Peace and love!
- Ginela :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

oh wow i truly love those boots so much and the butterfly is so cool

anne said...

love the boots. i always keep an eye out for some of those babies. i don't blame you for gazing at them all day...i would too :D

your day looks like it was amazing! and your rose arbor is incredible!

Cel said...

I'd be in love with those boots too if I had a pair like that. Your arbor is amazing! The closest I've got to that right now is some cut flowers in a vase and those seem to be dying prematurely on me, sigh. A friend of mine has a cat with extra digits, I like to call her Mitten-Kitten.

two birds said...

that pretty much sounds like a perfect weekend. amazingly busy, full of friends and family (and beer and bluegrass!)