Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saturday Afternoon

Winter Wear

Hey, remember Hillary, the vintage dress fairy? This lovely tweed number was her doing as well. After patiently spending months in my closet awaiting wintry weather, her day finally came.

The heavy fabric with silk lining make it a perfect chilly day dress, and it’s got some really wonderful little details including the matching belt and little black velvet bow at the collar. I felt very prim and proper and ladylike.

We joined the holiday hustle and bustle downtown and ate lunch at Mac’s Kosher Style Deli and Restaurant, a yummy downtown Santa Rosa institution where the pastrami sandwiches can’t be beat. As you can see, Clover was in a particularly impish mood… which provides equal parts entertainment/exhaustion.

Oh these two… when they’re not drivin’ me batty, they’re warmin’ my heart with how sweet they can be together! Haha.

We decided to really up the cheesy holiday family ante by capping the afternoon off with a free horse-drawn carriage ride through Old Railroad Square.


Clarice (Rudolph’s girlfriend) thought it was really fun.


I must admit, I kinda did too.


Crystal Lee said...

This dress is just adorable! I love the collar, the velvet bow, the cute lil buttons, and the fact that it is tweed. Usually tweed doesn’t form so well to the body, but this dress fits you perfectly! I love cheesiness!

Mandi said...

Clover keeps getting cuter. I love it when you post about her dressing up! Cracks me up.
Love your dress. :)

Lemondrop Marie said...

Fabulous dress find, fits you like a dream.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Emerson Merrick said...

Will it get boring if i keep on commenting about how cute you and clover are?

No seriously? Will it?

Missa said...

Thanks ladies!

Crystal: I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to fabrics, it made me think of tweed, but it could very well be something else. Some sort of tweed-like blend maybe?

Missa said...

Amy: No, it will definitely definitely not and right back at ya!

Milla said...

Cheesy or sweet!?!?! I love your sensible get-up, it's so darling and clean-cut and still oddly 70s. I think Lucas is all like "don't take my picture", I've seen that face before. Too bad for him that he's cute. And that Gretel happens to be sitting right next to him with her adorable mug. You guys are the best.

Also, FREE carriage ride! I want one. Now.

Oh, and congrats on your chickens, exciting! Were the 1st eggs normal size, or tiny? Mine were teeny.
I want to come for breakfast.

Missa said...

Milla: Yeah, the "don't take my picture" look is pretty much the only look he's got when there's a camera pointed in his direction!

The eggs have been pretty teeny so far and oddly enough, the littlest chicken has been laying the biggest eggs, but I guess that's a breed thing. Yes! Come for breakfast!

Tera said...

Such an awesome outfit!! I like it allllllll, looks so very perfect on you :>

flaming hag folkwear said...

That dress fits you so perfectly, and I love the addition of the hat (its somewhat floppy style keeps the dress from being too too prim).

It looks like a lovely winter afternoon. Sometimes cheesy is good!

P.S. I fully expect you to enter my giveaway. It doesn't matter that we just traded. That was a trade and this is a giveaway to celebrate the wonderful ladyfolk who follow my blog. It is fair and square.


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh man is this really happening? clover is a pure christmas elf and you are a wharton character out for a carriage spin in your lovely traveling outfit. lucas just needs a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and an antique doctor's bag to make this family's quaint adorableness complete! or wait, maybe his handsome modern dude look balances the whole thing out even more perfectly. you guys are just the raddest family and your saturday consists of the best things. i can't wait to meet you in person, that's all there is to it!

Zohar said...

ooo your dress is lovely, I especially love the collar :)

muchlove said...

that dress looks wonderful! Looks like a really prefect fit on you. The collar is the sweetest thing. Loving that hat too (I need a floppy hat).

Nicky said...

So sweet! Sounds like a lovely family afternoon- Clover musta been so excited about the carriage ride :D Lovely dress, that little black bow is just perfect!

Manja said...

Oh that outfit is so fabulous and Lucas and Clover look so sweet together!

anne said...

what a great dress missa! perfect for your carriage ride, which sounds really fun, cheesy or not :D overall, a super saturturday for sure!
i love your shoes as well. i've been lookin' for some that are similar... no luck yet.

sally said...

loooove the collar esp on the dress! carriage rides!!? amazing!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

It seems like all the best stuff is hanging around where you live. What a fun place. I want to go on the carriage ride like that. I've been on an Amish buggy ride though. I adore this dress you're wearing. It is so gorgeous. What are your measurements? If you and I are similar oh goodness I'd want to do swaps with you. haha.

CoCoon said...

I really love the entire outfit; boots, hat, tights and gorgeous vintage dress. Who says you can't look like a lady just because there's a chill outside? You make that point very well! Inspiring.


Anonymous said...

oh what wonderful style.
(and the cutest photos here too)

Toosdai said...

lovelovelove the dress. i agree, heavier fabric is perfect for colder weather. time for the pendletons to be dry cleaned!

looks like a lovely family outing!