Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010

I found this vintage candy striper pinafore at the beginning of October, on the newly set out Halloween rack at the thrift store, and knew my search for a costume was over before it had even begun. All I needed to thrift were the white shoes, which ended up being pretty easy to find, not to mention, SUPER comfy.

Luckily, I still had the nurse's cap from Halloween 2003, the year I went as her. Not sure what happened to the eye patch.

In case you were wonderin' just what kind of candy I was striping :)

Halloween 2010
Clover in all her fuzzy little panda glory... cutest thing ever. As soon as it got dark we set off down our street with a little group of kids for some trick-or-treat action.

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010

Clover was totally into the trick-or-treating this year, and as we made our way down the block and back, she looked like a little ewok hobbling down the street. Pretty darn cute.

Halloween 2010

Garden gnome grandmas! Also pretty darn cute.

Next stop, a party conveniently located across the street in my sister-in-law's driveway. They had the firepit going and fresh chunks of bacon-wrapped tuna on the grill. Lots of family, friends and neighbors. A fun for all ages kind of party with toddlers, teenagers, grandparents, and just about every age in between.

More costume cuteness. Our neice Vida and her friend made awesome sheep costumes (with some mom help) and her friend's older sister went as a folksy version of Bo Peep.

The really cool part about their costumes was that they got the wool from the friends' very own sheep and sewed it on themselves! They even kinda smelled like sheep, it was all very authentic and impressive.

Halloween 2010

Our neice Fiona's Harlequin costume was definitely a favorite of mine, so adorable!

How CUTE is that pointy little nose?!

Halloween 2010

So yeah, there were cute costumes a'plenty... aaannd then there was Lucas. Oh, the last minute, hastily thrown together hillbilly get-up. Yup, that's my guy! Am I a lucky gal or what?

Seen here with our brother-in-law Sam, who had more hilarious dirty pirate puns up those puffy sleeves than you could shake a sword at. Quite the pair these two.

Apples and almond slivers... fun and healthy!

Halloween 2010

So that was our night, hope there were plenty of smiles to go around on your Halloween too!

Alright, and since I know you were wondering, I'll leave you with a photo flashback to Halloween 2003...

This was at a work party with my coworker, who decided to follow my lead and go as her.

We worked as molecular biology researchers, for a company that did vaccine development. You may need to full-size the photo to read it, but the wording on the poster in the background was purely coincidental, yet so perfect.

The inspirational scene:

I left the theater knowing what my costume would be that year :)


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my goodness you guys are the cutest family IN THE WORLD. clover's costume is just absolutely the best thing i've ever seen, the make up, the fuzzyness, the ears, i just want to swoop her up into a big panda bear hug! i love how she is slyly looking at you in the trick or treat photo, like she is proud of herself. what a perfect age she is for halloween! i am so glad you guys do real neighborhood trick-or-treating. no one does it in my town anymore! you looked amazing too. what a perfect old-fashioned family-n-friends halloween night. and lucas's costume is totally the type of thing darin throws on at the last minute. LOVE THIS ALL.

Hannah said...

Ahhhh panda Clover, so cute!! You make a really lovely nurse too, with your peter pan collar and all. Your Elle Driver costume looks like it was amazing too, you looked just like her!

flaming hag folkwear said...

Omigosh, the fuzziness of Clover's costume makes it hysterically sweet!
I genuinely love those old candy striper jumpers. I have come across a couple that I have embellished with lace (what else!?) and sold. Always sad to see them go.
I think I have your package just about done...will have to get to the p.o. soon...

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I'm again in awe! This is adorable!!! Nice job finding the pinafore!! Your little Panda is so sweet!!!!!!!! The garden gnomes are so funny!! I need to keep that one in mind!! great inspirational scene hahaha.

Teeny said...

Clover not only looks cute but so proud to be trick or treating. We don't celebrate Halloween in NZ really...i don't know why?! Maybe because it doesn't match Spring festivities? You look fab as Elle! My fave photo however, is the grandma garden gnomes. HAHA!

Shey said...

haha Clover is the cutest little panda ever! ANd you look so pretty! Your husband looks so funny hahaha
Looks like you had bunches of fun! =D

Alexa said...

I love that you were able to recycle part of your Kill Bill costume into your candy striper! That looks like such a lovely night...and both Clover and Lena had black-rimmed eyes this year!

Crystal Lee said...

What a charming & fun family you have & you look adorable as a nurse!

Dorissa said...

Thank you for these snap shots! So cute....

Tera said...

WOW! Thank you for sharing your Halloween with us! I love all these photos. I also love the apple and almond idea. I love the costumes you guys have, GREAT!!!! Okay just lots of love for this post :>

sally said...

oh, clover is just beyond cute! i noticed her ghanaian basket! and i think i saw one at lucas' mom's wedding a few weeks back too! :) so cool. glad to see y'all had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Love the Kill Bill costume!

Toosdai said...

my goodness, a candy striper is the PERFECT halloween costume! this looks like it was a great halloween!

Federico Panarello said...

Funny photos :-) sooooo cute!!!!

Andrea said...

seeing little Clover all dressed up as a Panda was some serious cuteness!!! how fun, and what creative costumes :)

anne said...

what adorable costumes! clover looks as cute as it gets and you make a lovely candy striper!