Friday, July 2, 2010

River House

Our friends Julianne and Luis, who spent last weekend at a house along the Russian River for Luis’ birthday, invited us and a few other friends over on Saturday afternoon to hang out in this lovely and peaceful spot.

The above photo is looking out at the river from one of the house’s two raised back porches. The lighting and the fact that everything is green including the river itself makes it a bit hard to see the river in the photo but it’s there if you look closely. There was a trail from the house down to a tiny private beach where we chilled out with some beers and watched Clover being very stoked about playing in the water.

Our friends Ben and Julia (you may recall them from the Joan Jett concert the night before) and Mike and Lisa arrived after finishing a 10-mile canoe trip down the River. While the trip was supposed to be pretty leisurely, no scary rapids or anything, Ben and Julia somehow managed to flip their canoe, not once, but twice, along the way! Hence, the contents of Ben’s wallet all laid out to dry and even though there was debate between them as to who was at fault for said flippings, there were clearly no hard feelings in the end, aw :)

Did you spot Lucas and Clover lounging on the hammock?

I caught Clover doing a little interpretive(?) dance as Luis strummed his guitar a bit out on the porch.

Moving over to the other porch, we enjoyed an awesome BBQ dinner accompanied by a bunch of yummy salads and more refreshing beer. Luis hails from the town of Santa Maria, nicknamed the BBQ Capitol of California, where they boast their own original style of BBQ. Needless to say, when he BBQ's it's always super good. Did you notice I even managed to include myself in the group shot, can you spot me?

Sour plum

I wore the same outfit on Sunday, another gorgeous day spent mostly lazing around the homestead, no need for shoes! I added some tiny flowers from the yard to my hair by twisting two pieces in front and pinning them back then just sticking the little stems into my twisted hair. Voila, faux daisy chain! I love that I caught the look on Clover’s face after biting into one of the totally unripe plums that I kept telling her to stop eating.

By the way, that little vintage dress she’s wearing is red velvet, she calls it her “Christmas dress,” and I tried to talk her into wearing something a little more hot-as-heck weather appropriate but on this one she just wasn‘t budging, sometimes you’ve got to choose your battles with these stubborn wee ones ;)

Here’s a close-up of the little floral skirt, which I found last week on half-off day at the Salvation Army ($1.50). It turned out to be my lucky day in the florals department too. I also found a super cute dress that I can’t show you because it’s going into Milla’s next package of goodies and then as I was flipping through the crowded dress rack, I may have actually gasped when I came across this beauty…



Mixed blue florals, ribbon and lace trim… oh my! Looking closely, you can tell that it was handmade, and beautifully so, no tags, I’m guessing from a Gunne Sax pattern as this dress has Gunne written all over it. Only $3.50 too, I love half-off day!

I also found two sweet little dresses for Clover ($1.50 each). She totally fell in love with the crochet one, as did I, and the corduroy jumper with tiny ruffles and flowers is super adorable too.


Ok, now back to the best dress I’ve come across in a long while... a view of the tie in back and a detail shot of the bodice, I love the delicate lace trim along the neckline and the tiny white rose-shaped buttons attached to the ribbon. This dress was obviously made with much care and love and it’s still in really great shape. Alright, I’ll stop gushing...

With the long sleeves, it’s been too hot to wear it, but we’ve got a 4th of July shindig to attend Sunday evening. It's supposed to be hot again, but it often cools off quite a bit here in the evenings, so we‘ll see :)

Wishing you all a joyful weekend!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

What a gorgeous place. Dresses are pretty cool too! I'll be needing to find a good Gunne Sax before the 2nd annual Gunne Sax Day Parade.

Happy 4th to you, Missa! xo. -Bella Q

Milla said...

Hey Babe! I'm pretty sure it is a Gunne, sans tags because a) it's the pattern of this dress
b) with the same rose buttons. It seems unlikely that the maker could have found the same buttons. Are there buttons on the sleeves too? Does it have pockets. More Importantly though, it will look utterly lovely on you! You are hands down the bestest thrifter ever!

Teenysparkles said...

oh wow, what excellent finds! That bbq looks so mouth watering, I want to eat it! Mmmmmm I really want bbq now. I see you in the group shot!

Lisa said...

Wow that dress is quite a find, can't wait to see you wear it! Bea loved watching Clover cute!
My mom always talks about how she spent her summer lounging on the Russian looks so gorgeous.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

moonshinejunkyard said...

ooooh, russian river bliss! i love the russian river area for so many reasons, not the least of which is that the stilt-tall houses all look like gypsy barracks to me, all built into the mossy green hillsides and weathered and well-loved. my dreamlife involves a gypsy cabin there for sure, bicycle trips down shaded lanes and beers and food down by the river - looks like you're living it lady! we drove through out to jenner just the other day and i rhapsodized yet again about my love for this area and these strange little towns, rio nido, monte rio, guerneville, bearded strangers and tattooed ladies galore having picnics together. ahhh, life is complete.

okay aaannnnnddd that DRESS!!!! wow. it is blowing my mind. i would have gasped too, and maybe even peed my pants. it's the stuff of thrifter's hopefullest dreams. i found two super cuties in my ramblings up in fort bragg, one of them a "young edwardians," but nothing quite so elegant and charming as this beauty. i look at it, and love beams from it. that's when you know a dress has stories.

Modesty is Pretty said...

I love how Clover is dancing around, she's so sweet and did she say she's Cinderella? hehehe and the picture where she bit the unripe plum, hilarious! That floral dress is sure pretty and also your skirt and I definitely love the crochet dress for Clover,can you imagine finding a women's dress like that? Oh that would be my dream. You have a wonderful 4th of July! =D

anne said...

what a cool house and view! it looks so peaceful.

i love your outfit and faux daisy chain...very cute! and your new dress is amazing, i can't wait to see you in it :D

anne said...
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Heidi Ann said...

Oh, I agree that it most certainly must be a Gunne Sax - what a beautiful find, Missa! hope you get to wear it SOON!!

Mamushka Marie said...

oh dear! clover looks too adorable in that first pic! and i love, love, love your light' n breezy summer look <3
mamushka marie

sally said...

are you in guerneville? i love it there and will be returning in a few weeks for some birthday tubing! looks like you had a great time.

Violet Folklore said...

The ghost of Missa appeared in the window just as the revelers were sitting down to eat, intent on capturing the lively goings on of those she loved...

Oh WOW the dress! I can't wait to see it on you!

And Clover's little dresses are so sweet too. Can I just say for the 5,000th time- isn't it fun to have a daughter? I always point out the special features of her clothing to Mycie, subtly teaching her the vocabulary of dressing- "Oh look at the lace trim at the hem of this velvet maxi dress, and the little satin rosebuds and leaf shaped embroidery".

Yesterday she said to me "Mama, when I'm a woman like you we have to share cloving okay?" We actually already do have two sweaters- with quite a bit of stretch to them- that we share.

The daisy chain is genius.

Oh summer.

Justice Pirate said...

Oh how gorgeous! It would be so fun to wear that prairie long sleeved dress!

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

My dearest Missa! Thanks very much for the comment you left on my blog about my song lyrics I wrote. T'was very encouraging and I needed to see if anyone digs it because I aspire to be a songwriter of some sort someday :)

Looks like it was a fanulous BBQ! Hahah I love all the little spotting suprises in the pics. And oh my I would have gasped at that dress too and grab it before its too late. Tis a gentle beauty, looks like it was made just for you! Clover's little video is a thousand times adorable :) She's one majestic dancer! :P And quite a soprano singer :D! She's far too cute, any time you post anything about her it just fills me with laughter and reminds me how fun it was to be a wee one ♥

Caroline said...

Ah...sounds so relaxing and lovely. Ryan's grandmother lives right on a river, and I think there's something very magical about being that close to running water. Sounds like such a nice adventure what with the canoes and friends and guitar playing.

Now for that dress - thrifting victory if ever there was one (won?)! Can't wait to see you wear it.

hillary said...

Random internet stranger moment, but I just ran across a box in storage of dresses I thrifted 10 years ago. Among them a black velveteen Gunne! In any case I immediately thought of you. If you think they'd fit you I'd love to send them on. All fit approximately 26-27" waist (no longer fits me!). Shoot me an email with your address if you are so inclined.

Andrea said...

what a lovely place! and how cute is little Clover? My goodness! I love her little interpretive dance & sing a long, so adorable!