Monday, March 1, 2010

Local Color

I brought out my camera on a recent walk we took along the Prince Memorial Greenway, a biking and walking path which runs along a stretch of Santa Rosa Creek connecting Downtown to Historic Railroad Square.

In recent years, massive creek restoration efforts along the greenway, in conjunction with work by the non-profit organization ArtStart, have transformed this once super sketchy stretch of polluted creek, peppered with trash and used mainly for drug partaking and homeless encampments, into a far less sketchy place for a lovely stroll.

It does run under the freeway and several bridges though, so it's still a little sketchy, but it really is so lovely compared to what it once was.

Fish Friend

The murals on the large cement walls that hold up the above-running streets are my favorite. I love how the big fish appears to be jumping through the concrete back into the actual creek where depleted native steelhead once thrived. I also liked how nicely he matched the flowers on my recently thrifted cardigan ;)

The ArtStart program provides apprenticeships to local young artists. Their work has given our community some truly beautiful installations to gaze upon. The pieces are often inspired by the history of our local landscapes too, which I think makes them even more special.

PSA Pose

In addition to the murals, there’s also a long California poppy-themed mosaic wall, as well as, the fun painted benches which can also be found scattered about the downtown area.

As we approached the stretch that sits directly under the 101, Lucas pointed out the crowd of men gathered down by the creek up ahead. Due to previously mentioned sketch-factor, we continued our approach cautiously.

Not to worry though, just a bunch of grown men having a remote control 4-wheeler competition… Haha! Definitely not something we were expecting to run into on our quiet little outing!

They all seemed to be taking it very seriously though, with a crazy course set up, and a guy watching each run intently with a clipboard in hand. Huh, who knew?

After heading off the trail and into Railroad Square, we stopped at Flying Goat Coffee for a muffin and a generously whip-creamed hot chocolate before continuing our loop back home.

On the way, we passed a favorite local antiques venue, perhaps worthy of a post all its own one day... I always love their themed window displays : )


Milla said...

Grown men and 4wheelers aside, what a tranquil-looking day. I love the murals. Murals are the bomb.

moonshinejunkyard said...

i know exactly which antique store you are talking about and it is so damn cute! when we lived in sebastopol, i used to love having coffee in railroad square, especially due to the fact that tom waits hangs out there sometimes. what a great tribute to downtown santa rosa. it's such a bustling little place with a vibe all its own, totally different than the city or marin, but happening in its own way. i love those murals! so great that they are giving the city a fresh and artsy new look.

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Missa! What antique store is that?? I want to make sure I don't miss it next time we are in the area!

Emerson Merrick said...

I've been to that antique store! It's next to the Don Talor's Omlette Express, right? I remember being very taken a back by a large photo of Don Taylor himself wearing a leather blazer hanging inside the restaurant.

Alexa said...

Those murals are amazing! You are inspiring me to get shooting on some Chicago murals I love...and how much do I love the little chain clasp on your sweater?

HILARIOUS, a remote 4-wheeler competition! Peter Pans, everywhere ;)

Jocelyne said...

It's so cute over there, I need to get out of the city more. I love your outfit, so cute! I want that native american bench.

Eyeliah said...

Great captures, that bench is so rad (and clean!)

Teenysparkles said...

Hey Missa, love your pics and the description of said "sketchy" area. You reminded me of a time (long ago) when a friend and I decided that due to lack of funds (after spending it all on beer) we would walk home at 5am alongside the Brisbane river (sketchy area) we walked/ran/stumbled home with big sticks (just in case)- it took an hour and a half. I must of been mad! (drunk)

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

I saw your photo on a NEET mag feature! did you??

kimvee said...

That window display is so adorable! :)

Starr- A Thought Is The Blossom said...

this is so cool. you look adorable in your pretty red boots!

Manja said...

Oh how beautiful that street art is!
And your outfit - I want those red boots!
Men can get really intense about funny things sometimes, I have to say.

Andrea said...

wow! what beautiful murals abound! what a neat park! again I love your outfit, that cardi has my heart :)

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

I have a vintage cardigan that looks exactly like that. Only mine has no tags. I thrifted it last spring in Berlin while we up there on holiday. Do you know if it is a European brand or a US brand sweater? I ask, because if it is a US sweater, I am sure that mine would have a very interesting story. I just assumed that it was a European sweater all this time. I love it and it's cheery brightness.

You put a really great outfit together around yours. I like you little red boots.

anne said...

gorgeous colors indeed! your new sweater is adorable and your town looks beautiful.
and look! a "happy apple" (in the last pic)! we still have the one from when i was little. it makes such a sweet sound :D

Q's Daydream said...

so pretty! and i love your outfit!

Mousevox Vintage said...

that's one gorgeous sweater! xo

JP said...

i love your outfitesp. your jacket! Everything looks great! ;)
nice blog too!

kisses from Russia,

Anonymous said...

we have the same awesome boots! I just got mine off ebay! I did a post about mine, are yours by Just as well?


Astral Boutique said...

What a colorful walk! Thanks for the beautiful eye candy. It's so wet and muddy here, most of our walk involving dirt trails, that I am going stir crazy for a good stroll- this virtual tour was the next best thing! (-;

Mamushka Marie said...

ooo, i love the mosaics and you in those red boots!

Courtnez said...

well don't you look quite delightful! cute little worker boots and the red coat, can't find a single one in florida that fits me peite frame!

well looks like you enjoyed a charming day!


susan said so said...


the wonderful parcel of goodies you sent arrived today, and everything was so very "me" it's almost hard to believe we've never met! I love it all, thank you SO much for the time and care you put into choosing the items you sent!

I've posted my own giveaway details here:

Thanks again for the chance to participate!


stephanie renee said...

i adore your red boots!

beautifulnemo said...

You have a really lovely blog.
Love your hair too<3

kate maggie said...

I love all of these sweater..i love your blog! x

Peldyn said...

How nice! I wish we had an interesting place to take a stroll. Nothing but empty desert and joshua trees out here.

SavoryMutt said...

Wow Missa your pictures are truly amazing. You have a super savory blog. You make our city look so nice. It is cool to see it from the eyes of others. Three barks and a growl for this post! Keep it savory ThriftCandy.

Anonymous said...


Look like a box on skinny legs.

Mila said...

your style is just perfection!
oh gosh, i've missed your blog truly.