Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Finds

Turning leaves, the trumpet vine's shriveling blooms, the early setting sun... it seems my yard is full of evidence that Fall has truly arrived. Now, thanks to my latest thrift finds, so is my closet :)

While "camping", Lucas' sister Zoe (also and avid thrifter) and I, hit up a Goodwill in Santa Barbara as well as a cool thrift store called Alpha Thrift in the town of Goleta. Alpha Thrift was huge and had quite a vintage selection. Unfortunately, they also priced many of their vintage pieces accordingly, but still there were good deals to be had.

I lost my receipt from the Goodwill, and there were no price tags on the clothes so sorry no prices for those items. I know I didn't pay more that six bucks for any single item though.

Large vintage Missoni Sport sweater vest (I'm all about the sweater vests for Fall layering) - $3.50 (Alpha Thrift, half-off) and cute lil' Japanese print scarf (I suggest enlarging it to get the full effect of how neat the print really is) - $1.50 (Alpha Thrift). I found these two items completely separately in different locations of the store and was floored by how perfectly the colors go together!

Vintage cardigan - $9.99 (Alpha Thrift). This was actually a bit pricey for me. Usually $10 is kind of my unspoken max when thrifting clothing. So this one just squeaked in, I went back and forth with myself a little then just decided to get it. I love gray and found the design interesting and appealing. Besides, I was on vacation and feeling a bit loose with my money ;)

Small vintage sweater vest, it has little difficult-to-see perforated hearts connecting the diamonds - Santa Barbara Goodwill.

Large woven basket of awesomeness - $3.93 (Alpha Thrift). This find was really cool because Zoe and I had just been in a weird little quasi-thrift shop in Santa Barbara that was filled with really tacky stuff donated new from other retailers. There was hardly anything second hand in the shop and the only thing I saw that I liked was one of these baskets but it was $29 which is not far off from what they cost new, so I passed. I was so excited when I found this one hiding in the back of Alpha Thrift for just under $4! I love the colors and these baskets are so great for storage.

Plaid wool blazer - Santa Barbara Goodwill. Slowly adding to my budding collection of Fall plaids :)

Cozy oversized vintage cardi with neck tie - Santa Barbara Goodwill.

Medium sized vintage mixing bowl with anchor motif - $4.94 (Alpha Thrift). The underside says "TEPCO Verified China Made in U.S.A." and it's quite heavy. I have a thing for vintage bowls and I LOVE the little blue anchor on this one!

I found this set of vintage German puzzle blocks at an antique shop in Cambria. They come with pictures of the 6 different fairytale pictures that can be made. The illustrations are adorable and the whole set is in near perfect condition, so $16.50 seemed like a pretty good deal to me. Now I just have to keep them out of Clover's reach until she's old enough to play without destroying them. We've still got a ways to go ;)

I got these old fashioned bathing beauties postcards on sale in a little shop in Santa Barbara. They weren't thrifted, I got them new, and they're more Summer than Fall-themed but I'm sneaking them in anyway because I think they're pretty cool and I only paid 50 cents each for them :D

I also did some thrifting just before leaving to go on our trip:

High-waist vintage tapestry skirt (those colors!) - $3 (Salvation Army, half-off) and vintage red leather Dior belt - 75 cents (Salvation Army, half-off).

Corduroy vest - $1 (Hospice Thrift).

Vintage boots - $4 (Salvation Army, half-off). These boots are fuzzy on the inside and made of some sort of rubbery faux leather material (kind of a cross between a leather boot and a wellie). There's a tag inside one that says "Jewel Tone Originals". As they're marked guaranteed waterproof on the bottoms, I'm pretty excited about these as my cozy winter rainboots :)

Vintage wool skirt - $3 (Salvation Army, half-off). This skirt is such a classic, I love those three side pleats and that it still has its belt! I think it will be really cute with my new rain boots, some tights and a nice cozy cardi :)

Vintage top - ? lost tag (Salvation Army, half-off). I love this print and the tie sleeves too.

Ok, now I say let the layering begin!


amanda said...

great finds...i love the boots. we have 12 off sal army day on a ton of stuff there this week for $26.00...cant beat it!

amanda said...

that's supposed to be a half off...not 12

Caroline said...

I was going to say that the diamond/heart sweater vest was the best thing I had ever seen. Then I kept scrolling and saw the german puzzle...then the tapestry skirt. Man, oh, many great finds.

Nourished Mother said...

Wow wow wow! That tapestry skirt is AMAZING. And the puzzle for Clover is making me green with envy! I have a post brewing in my head about all the great kids books I find at thrift stores. It's gotten to the point where I head there before looking through the clothes (except for shoes and dresses, of course).

Couture Carrie said...

The grape pic is my fave!
Love this post :)


Christy said...

Wow! Great finds! I love the tapestry skirt and the wool skirt with the three pleats. Plus, the little puzzle blocks are awesome. I had something like that when I was a kid (still have them, actually), and just loved them. :-)

anja louise verdugo said...

I need to find some boots like those! My Tretorn rubber boots have a hole. Good finds!

Milla said...

Oh I love everything! especially the dress and the vest the awesome awesome vest! and that basket! I don't know about Californ-i-a but EVERYONE and their mother have one of those puppies up north. I have one, their like a hippie staple piece, goes with everything! Hugs!

Skye said...

I have one of those baskets too - mine's kind of bright colours (fuschia, yellow etc) and I keep my gift wrapping supplies in it. They are very handy for storage, and look great on the shelf.

You have been very busy with your Fall thrifting mission, can't wait to see what you do with it all!

Hailey @ said...

Very detailed post, great. I am extra jealous of those boots. Would be perfect in Vancouver (rain city!)

Charlene said...

Hi there - first time commenting, lovly finds :) i am feeling the love of vests too for layering, we're heading into summer at the moment, but I found that wearing some of the lighter ones over dresses looks fab and not too hot for the weather

trishhunterfinds said...

Completely in love with the German puzzle blocks. They're something that will only become more appealing the longer you hold on to them.
They don't make things like that anymore.

Mila said...

Woooow, such great finds, Missa!
Yes, let the layering begin...i already began a little... <3

I tagged you! I hope you want to 'play along'....

Bye dear!

thevintageyear said...

I can't believe you found a vintage Dior belt for 50c! The rest of your finds are wonderful too!

Alexa said...

Oh how I LOVE fall shopping! You've got me in the mood...what lovely fall photos and finds.

Karima said...

what amazing finds! i especially love the missoni, the basket and the boots, and... oh, will you wear the sweater with the cute scarf?
beautiful photos too!

Swirlyarts said...

Oh my! Such great finds - I love the sweater vest, grey cardigan and that plaid jacket is gorgeous!

StrikeMatch said...

Probably the most amazing thrifter of all time. I love the tapestry skirt and the german puzzles!

Diane said...

Beautiful leaf pix - well done. Such amazing thrift finds... love the 3 pleat skirt and cardigan with neck tie... oh, they're all great! Cute storyblocks for Clover too. I think that I very nearly enjoy your thrifts as much as you do!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Wow, amazing finds! Am so envious of the postcards. :)