Tuesday, October 14, 2008

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (10.14.08)

One nation under a groove, originally uploaded by missemma.peel.
Missemma.peel’s style has me totally intrigued. Her ability to layer unexpected pieces in unique and creative ways is truly inspiring! She does this in both of her 100% thrifted looks this week. I mean who would think that layering an unbuttoned sweater vest over a floral dress over a crocheted top and tucking it all into a pair of pleated and cropped pumpkin hued pants would even be logistically possible, let alone end up looking, dare I say it, incredibly hip. Her finesse with accessories has also not gone unnoticed… the headscarf, teddy bear belt, and lil’ purse add just enough quirk and tie it all together perfectly!

Sing it back, originally uploaded by missemma.peel.
In the second look, the scarf (yup, it’s a scarf) under the oversized tee under the little black cropped top creates really cool proportions, and I’m loving the interaction of the scarf and tights patterns. Again, just the perfect dash of quirk with that fried egg pin. This girl is good, and while looking through her photostream I liked seeing how she used the same pieces in different outfits, often to very different effects. For example, notice the same scarf and black top here and here. Off to check out her blog :)

See the 100% Thrifted flickr group for more fabulous fully thrifted outfits!


amanda said...

she is pretty amazing

Mila said...

Yeah, sshe looks amazing!
But to be very honest (and that's always a good thing) i like your finds and looks better. ;)

Hope you and your family are well!!


ashley said...

wow what a talented thrifter!
although must agree with mila- you have an uber power of mixing and matching and making thrift the new couture;)
great post-as always missa.
xo ashley

Milla said...

Great pick, she has such an eye for unlikely combinations. Very cool and original

Sal said...

Such creativity - especially with patterns.

Ashley said...

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Caroline said...

She is such a good choice for this week! What I love about most of her outfits is that even with all that layering she's keeping her look warm weather appropriate. This is something I desperately need to learn how to do.

StrikeMatch said...

Fantastic choice, she caught my eye too!

Emma Harrison said...

Thank you so much, incredibly flattered! I hope you don't mind, I linked to your post on my blog.


Coco said...

I've been to that exact street in Melbourne :)