Sunday, August 26, 2012

Closet Swoon


"I got my expression back in high school, when I started to get into thrift shopping. In Texas, in the nineties, thrift shopping was pretty good – stuff was like 25 cents. Everyday, after school, we’d just go thrift shopping and then we’d just go home and play with it or cut it up and all that kind of stuff."

- Miss KK, costume designer/dress maker


Thanks friends, for indulging my recent questions on style and comfort. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the responses and found them so interesting!

Among the different motivating factors that play into how we dress ourselves, I recall several mentions of how important mood is to the whole equation, which is SO TRUE. For example, plain and simple aside, at the moment, my mood has me longing to swap closets with this lovely gal!


Also, she kinda reminds me a bit of our very own style queen, Nicole, who I would also gladly swap closets with in a hot second ;)

You can visit Stylelikeu to see Miss KK's interview and peep more of her dreamy closet :)

The big news around here is that Clover made it through her first week of Kindergarten!!! I know, how did this happen, right?! Well, somehow it did and she is lovin' it and ADORES her teacher. Needless to say, we are thanking our lucky stars that the transition has, at least so far, been a smooth one :)

Ok, now back to work on part 2 of our summer road trip!


Janet said...

her style is so beautiful.... artsy, eclectic, romantic, feminine, with a touch of mystery in there, as well. i am looking forward in seeing the second album of your summer road trip experience! also, missa, please email me back with your sizes!! thanks, janet

Janet said...

Yay, for Clover, as well!! i know how happy you and your husband must be!! wishing many wonderful days ahead for your little kindergartener!! :)

Teeny said...

YAY! So glad it was a lovely smooth transition for her. It can either be really tricky (like I am totally assuming mine will be with my limpet) or sweet as easy. And I agree with you on KK AND mavens. And you aren't too shabby yourself don't you know! you dress yourself with such grace and I don't know...maybe the term i'm looking for is colour clarity?! xoxo

anne said...

yay! for clover. what a big step!

yes, kk is very Nicole-esque! and i don't think there is one of us who wouldn't want to switch closets with her! can't wait for part two of your road trip.

i've been lovin' the skirt and dress you gifted me! perfect for these hot days we've been having :D thank you again!

gold fawn said...

KK is a friend of mine and truly a magical and wonderful lady! Her closet is a wonderful place and her spirit is so sweet and light.
I love that series of interviews! so inspiring! xo m

Milla said...

Totally reminds me Nicole too!!!! At first I could only glimpse the last picture and I was like "yes yes. we know Nicole's closet is amazing..." ;) Hahhah! Thanks for the tip I'm excited to read all about it. Now that Clover is successfully in school (yippee for Clover!) you have ample time to blog, right? Lucas doesn't read these comments does he? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

man, that celluloid necklace from the 20s has me frothing rabidly. yikes. and let's not get started on those black shoes with rainbow heels.

so glad to hear that clover is loving kindergarten! i would really like to hear more about how the transition has been for YOU. big, big steps!

flaming hag folkwear said...

guilty guilt guilty. i saw this gal's closet a few days back and thought of all the neat stuff i am lucky enough to have, too. sometimes i think of dressing super simple or casual, but how could i when there are such amazing things to wear instead?!

yay for clover! i think most kids thrive in kinder-- it is such an awesome age and grade-- and that it's actually harder on the parents watching the last bit of baby disappear... so how are you doing? ;)


JACLYN said...

Love her clothing and style.

Tera said...

Thrift shopping for clothing in zTexas in the 80's was dreamy! We had warehouse filled with clothing, floor to about 4-5 feet. Once we walked into one with a mountain of clothing 3 feet or so from the tall ceiling. It was priced by the pound. Twenty-five cents usually for a bag. Really awesome stuff sometimes never worn with vintage tags still on them. Oh my friends and I loved it!!!!!!