Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tolay Fall Festival


There's something about the Fall season and little 60's dresses that just seems right to me. Especially when peter pan collars and autumnal hued plaids are involved.


I've been hitting up the Goodwill Bins here in town (affectionately refered to as "the digs") with my digger buddy Angelina. That's where I dug up this gem a few weeks ago.



Clover and I wore our little plaid dresses to the Tolay Fall Festival in Petaluma last weekend and hers couldn't have been more perfect for the occasion.

As you can see from the wacky sign, there was plenty for a four-year-old in a cute little vintage dress to do and see and photo ops a'plenty for a camera toting mama.



It may look like Fall in the pictures but it sure felt like Summer. It ended up being hot, like unfortunately hot. A snowcone and a patch of shade helped.



Papa to the rescue!






So many creatures to pet, so little time.



The tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch would have been more enjoyable had we been prepared with hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, things of that nature... the person with the big black umbrella had the right idea.

As it were, our time spent wandering the "pumpkin patch" (this is obviously not where the pumpkins grow) involved getting scorched and impatient before grabbing a pumpkin and hightailing it onto the next departing tractor. Shade please!



There was a big barn filled with wild animal exhibits, both live and of the taxidermied variety, lots of creepy crawlies on display too, and a resident barn owl watching over the scene from up in the rafters. Can you spot him?



I loved how Clover's dress picked up the colors of all the different squash varieties. We made a little cornhusk doll at one of the craft booths. Carding and spinning wool into yarn by hand to make the hair was pretty neat.


How tall this Fall?


My petite pumpkin is just barely taller than her best pal Finn who is a full year younger than her. People often assume they're brother and sister. Easy to see why :)

Ok friends, there you have it, my contribution to this years pumpkin patch posting madness. Happy carving!

Check out this beautiful video just released by local Sonoma County darlings, Odd Bird. It was filmed at this year's Handcar Regatta and I must say, it's pretty dang dreamy...


Celynne said...

Ah, love the photo of her petting that big ol' python! Awesome :D Sounds like such a fun time and Clover still looks as cute as ever. That dress looks lovely on you too, great thrift find.

sally said...

clover is an absolute doll! love all the colors in this post! plaid = fall to me, and you two are so cute. the teepee like redwood structures remind me of the ones at kule loklo in pt reyes. and also, i firmly believe that sno cones are the solution to everything! i am loving this indian summer!

Teeny said...

i almost thought for a second that Clover holding the cornhusk doll...was Clover clutching a little chick. But of course she wouldn't be doing that! Cute, cute, cute! Both of you, and I love Clovers boots!!

moonshinejunkyard said...

okay first off, i'm swooning over that song and video, a total dreamworld. and so is the festival!!! i love your plaids, and i feel ya on the heat, although today a bit nicer, it has been achingly sweatingly hot here. luckily clover looks even extra adorable (if that's possible) with those red rosy cheeks from running around in the sun!

and lucas so sweetly helping his overheated little darling with a snowcone just kills my heart. you guys are the best little family. buddy finn fits right in to the jolliness. HAPPY FALL to the missas!!!

Anonymous said...

awwww I love her dress!!!! these are such beautiful memories you've been making.

Crystal Lee said...

You gals are the cutest mother daughter duo. Seriously, you're making me want to be a mama. Such cute outfits and what a perfect way to celebrate the season.

Jodi said...

I love your dress. you have such awesome taste!! I love vintage stuff too!! xoxo J

Milla said...

Ooo-kayyy...before I confess my unadulterated love for your matching frocks, Clover's pigtails, pumpkins, pythons, Finn and Clover posing, or even Odd Bird (which I love), I gotta say, that picture of Clover and Lucas is awesome! What a freakin' adorable family you three make. Love it.

Mrs. Habit said...

can I second every word Milla wrote? Ok, good.

anne said...

:) me three? couldn't have said it better!