Friday, February 4, 2011

Woodland Creatures

Happy Trails

I spent the afternoon with Gretel last Friday. Fittingly, we went for a walk in the woods. I totally should have worn my Hansel get-up. Alas, I’m finding myself wanting to wear this 70’s vintage flannel shirt non-stop lately. I found it recently in the men’s section of the Goodwill while browsing for Lucas.

There’s a lovely little trail loop only about a 10 minute drive from our house. It winds up into the oak covered hills that overlook Spring Lake. The loop is short enough that Clover can now make the hike without needing a stroller. Though I did end up carrying her a little.

I like that Gretel still re-occurs from time to time. With the discovery that her options are basically infinite, the characters seem to come and go pretty quickly these days. Always being replaced by whoever is in the next book we read or movie she sees.

The pretty red floral scarf tied around Clover’s shoulders made its way to her all the way from Turkey! The lovely Sara of Forestlass, was sweet enough to include it in a little package she sent me awhile back.

Unfortunately, the adorable pinafore dress she generously offered me (an etsy trade that turned out to be too small for her) turned out to also be too wee for me. The scarf however, was a big hit, and so Gretel appropriate! Oh, and not to fret about the fate of the adorable pinafore, it found an adorable home with my niece Vida :)

Oak and Bay

Wild Roses

Outfit: 100% thrifted. When I found this little dress last spring, I was thinking that it would be perfect for fall/winter. How right I was, I’ve been wearing the heck out of it!

The hike takes you uphill through the trees, reaching an open meadow at the top. Here a shallow seasonal pond sits. The perfect spot to rest up and poke around a bit, taking in the quiet stillness punctuated with frog croaks and birdsong.

About a month ago Lucas, Clover, and I hiked up here on a drizzly day and were surprised to find the pond packed FULL of salamanders. Each about 5 inches long, they were everywhere, hundreds of them. It was quite amazing. Also, quite obvious that it was mating season and haha, Clover got a kick out of all the salamanders “doing piggyback.”

This time we didn’t see a single salamander, though the pond is now covered with small gelatinous egg sacks… all that remains of their crazy lovefest.

The trail picks up on the other side of the pond, looping around and heading off down the other side of the hill.

Elf Child

I had both cameras with me, so I pulled out my trusty little point and shoot and its rickety little tripod to get a few “outfit shots” on the way back. At this point I think Clover was already plotting her next costume and trying to get me to go home so we could implement it.

Another gorgeous view of the lake on the way down… and such was our little mother/daughter adventure!

Fun story: We own the Andy Goldsworthy documentary Rivers and Tides and had watched it with Clover the night before. It was her first time seeing it.

I stepped off the trail at one point to photograph the lake, and Clover says: “I’m gonna make sumpin.”

A few clicks later, I turn around to find her stacking rocks in a perfect circle. I watched her for a moment before Andy Goldsworthy stacking stones to create his pine cone-shaped structures flashed into my mind… that’s what she was trying to do!

She’s a pretty rad kid.

By the way, if you’ve never seen Rivers and Tides, it’s pretty amazing, and you should. Here’s a lovely sampling someone put together of Andy Goldsworthy’s work:


Kristen said...

That looks like fun.

Angela said...

oh wow. enchanting pictures! i love the setting, love your dress and clover's outfit is so darling and fairytale worthy :) *sigh*

Andrea said...

Ah, the ever evolving little Gretel!!! How adorable are the two of you? Your misty winter walk photos are fantastic. I love seeing how landscapes vary so much in different parts of the country. These certainly have a woodland creature charm to them (of course heightened by little Clover). I also quite fancy your plaid jacket-- a great find and it fits so nicely!

bonfire of my vanity said...

i miss those kinds of trees an forests. beauiful.

Violet Folklore said...

Ah! That is amazing that Clover was making her own little AG art! I am so glad you planted the idea of showing that film to Mycelia in my mind. Thank you.

I *love* your pairing of that sweet little dress with the rugged men's plaid. Perfect.

Manja said...

Oh I really miss living so close to the forest, I used to go there with my mom all the time when I was little - we went mushroom hunting!

Your outfit is super cute, that plaid flannel is awesome paired with that dress!

Chloƫ said...

how pretty - reminds me of my weekly hikes back in my california days. love your outfit!

Eyeliah said...

Your outfit here is saved to my inspiration file. I'm really feeling red these days, it's all I want to wear and all I look for at the thrift store. :)

Milla said...

You are the stylish Mama of all stylish Mamas. It is so fun to take this little woodsy walk with you and Clover and the Gretels. I can't wait to take a real one with you all as well.

sally said...

missa, you look fab as always! and so does clover -- you're so lucky she's up for little hikes like that. love seeing the pics of the oak trees up your way. you have me dreaming of the country again. i miss living up there sometimes. plus, i've been super sick and mostly in bed the past week -- got hit hard by this bug that's been going around at work -- so i haven't gotten out to enjoy this weather quite yet! oh, and your chickens look incredible in the post below this one! congrats!

Abbie said...

What beautiful photos!! And I totally adore your dress xx

hillary said...

I am so charmed by Clover. My daughter was also super obsessed by dress-up at that age but a different cast of characters. I love seeing Clover's inspiration and interpretation. And her art-making! *dies*

forestlass said...

Ah! Clover looks so cute in her scarf :) I'm so glad she liked it. And also happy that you found a home for the pinafore!

Clover is so lovely and bright. You're lucky to have such a cool kid!

grunt03 said...

beautiful pictures of the spring lake area, missa.

watching clover grow into these various characters is a joy. thanks for the postings.

tell oosa i said hello and that i miss the spring lake walks when next you visit her.



Alexa said...

What a little Andy Goldsworthy! (I just watched a film on him and was totally inspired.) And if I had that flannel I'd live in it, too.

Alexa said...

Just noticed that you watched it too! It was wonderful, no? I loved his icicle sculpture and the whirpool scupture that just got carried away by the tide.

Denis said...

i agree
you are cuties
amazing view. nice weather. i hope there was good for you

pi Toronto

Nicky said...

That sweet lil' Clover!!! your hiking spot looks so serene- like a nice spot to collect thoughts!!! :D
Your hair is gorgeous! and score on that red flannel- paired so well with your boots :D

alexandra grecco said...

these photos are stunning and magical!


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

You live in a beautiful area. wow. I feel like I should build a gingerbread house. . .but not to cook your child in at all. haha.

anne said...

such gorgeous photos! makes me want to go take a hike. i love your outfit, the flannel is perfect! i also think i'd enjoy the andy goldsworthy documentary. i'll have to check it out.

Tera said...

You are both pretty RAD! I love these photos and this location is so beautiful. You have access to such gorgeous places. It's not like Texas (blehk) pretty places are not easy to get to (hours and hours spent driving). Actually, they aren't easy to find either :>
She really is tiny, so cute!!!

Leah said...

i LOVE her imagination. wow. she reminds me of my nieces and nephews for sure. their mothers always encourage such wonder and belief. it's a lovely site.

[CozyQuail.] said...

One of my favorites! His outdoor earth art sculptures are breath-taking!

Andrea said...

I love both of your outfits and the bushwalk looks amazing!

Thomas said...

a little princess)
be happy, girls!

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Kashif Javed said...

I love your outfits especially that lovely Footwear

flaming hag folkwear said...

it was sooo good to meet you this weekend. i miss everybody already! i am scheming a visit to the SR goodwill we talked about, so i will have to let you know when i make it happen so maybe we can meet up for tea or lunch or something.
hi to the whole family. thanks again so much for the sweet gifts. take care. xo