Friday, September 3, 2010

Fort Bragg


On day two of our trip we went up to Fort Bragg to visit Lucas and Isolde’s dad, aka Grandpa Bill. The rustic old shed out back was the chosen outfit photo spot.

His property backs up to a forest of redwoods, fun to wander about in taking pics.

As for the outfit, I think the only new-to-the-blog item is the little Free People beaded cardigan I picked up at the flea market for a few bucks this summer. I love its deep plum color and tiny beads.


Clover’s little plaid dress (like much of her wardrobe) was a thrifted hand-me-down, care of Isolde, cute kid's clothing thrifter extraordinaire! Outfit photos happened to coincide with paper airplane launching in the backyard.


Grandpa Bill… the artist… a bit eccentric, a bit reclusive, offbeat wit and charm, dark humor and wild stories, giver of unconventional gifts… on this visit my brother-in-law went home with a rather large stuffed latex vulture. We love grandpa Bill!

A peek at his studio.

Happy kids during the aforementioned paper airplane launch-a-thon. A fun visit indeed :)

Our awesome husbands took the kids back to the campsite to get dinner started while Isolde and I went to check out what Fort Bragg had to offer by way of thrift stores.

The first place we went was tucked away inside a cool old building which also happened to be a SENIOR CENTER, now if that’s not a recipe for amazing vintage treasures, then I don’t know what is!

Sadly, the place was closed, we had just missed it :(

You may now take a moment to enlarge the two pictures I took peering through the door window like a sad puppy in order to share in our disappointment.

This place looked like something out of a dream, such a sweet and quaint little shop with granny boots and grandpa cardigans just calling out to me *sigh*

It was even called Granny’s Attic and had cute hand-painted signage!

Ah well, there’s always next time. We did manage to find a couple of thrift stores that were open though, nothing like Granny’s Attic, but all was not lost.

Isolde found some clothing for herself and the kids (of course) and I found a cute floral rayon 90’s dress for me and a couple of vintage mini hard bound Maurice Sendak books for Clover.

We returned to a pot roast being cooked to perfection over the open campfire, stewed with fresh onions, peppers, garlic, and tomatoes fresh from Isolde and Jonas’ garden.

Yeah, did I mention the part about our husbands being awesome? Add bread, a yummy green salad, and a nice cold beer and you’ve got yourself one of the best camping meals I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

I’ll leave you with Clover and Lucia doing a little cooking of their own : )


bonfire of my vanity said...

love fort bragg. i used to go there every summer as a kid. love your outfit.

Zohar said...

ha I had to double check those pictures of the 3D square fixture to understand you were catching the kids behind and not posting it again and again by accident :)
Husbands who let their wives thrift on vacation are good good men :)

Manja said...

Your outfit is so great Missa, I love that Cardigan! What a bummer that the store was closed, it looks so great! You should really keep it in mind for the next time you're going to visit Grandpa Bill :)

Vashti said...

Looks amazing! I love the photos and how I wish we had good thrift stores here in South Africa.Thats one thing that I miss about the "western" world.
The dinner looked yummy.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

what a beautiful place! what sweet little darling girls!!! awww.
love what you're wearing too.

sally said...

the houses and the people who live in them all up and down the mendocino coast are so inspiring to me! fun to have a peek inside grandpa bill's. that granny store looks amazing! you'll hit it next time i am sure.

Anna said...

you look amazing! right out of the pages of a catalog...
looks like a lovely camping trip!

flaming hag folkwear said...

i love grandpa bill!
you and clover look lovely as always, and -- i am woman enough to admit -- i am totally envious of your new-to-you silver teardrop!

anne said...

grandpa bill rules!
as does your amazing teardrop trailer!!! what fun it must be to pull that baby behind you on a roadtrip.
hope you all are well :D

Milla said...

Your father-in-law seems like a total character. Very interesting. I'm also so happy about your wee trailer, and the endless camping possibilities for your adorbs family. Adventure, here we come!

Tera said...

OOOOH Absolutely DREAMY trip! I spotted a sweater I wanted in that thrift store. We have a place like that in Austin but it's like open 30 minutes every two months it seems :>

Nicky said...

That is one FANTASTIC looking camping meal!!! And I'm kinda swooning over the teardrop trailer. I think we're heading out this weekend in our tent trailer- with the dogs! eek.
Happy Thursday Missa!!! :)

Andrea said...

I love the look of the little cabin and the artworks - would be a great place to get away to!

Julia said...

You look lovely. Those pants fit awesomely. And your daughter is just about the most cute thing I've seen in, well, ever!


Unknown said...

I just love your outfit in this post! Man your thrift shops (we call them charity chops) look huge! Ours are generally a bit small and crappy, it's not really taken off here in Ireland as people find the idea of second hand stuff embarassing unfortunately. I have to get over to the states for a rummage in some proper shops!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is like a dream for me, Missa. It's so perfect. You're living the life i want to live in 15 years. Thanks for sharing it!