Sunday, September 27, 2009

Island Adventures

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and trip well-wishes on my last post! We did indeed have a great time and as I predicted the most fun was had during the three gorgeous days spent on the wee island off the coast of WA with Milla and Charlie.

They were such wonderful and generous hosts and it was so cool to get to experience their beautiful island community from a local perspective. Now for some pictures!

Center of Attention

This is pretty indicative of who was most often the center of attention. The fact that she really seemed to "find her voice" on this trip and blossom into quite the lil' chatterbox (throwing out cute Cloverisms nonstop) was indeed highly entertaining.


Clover took a liking to Milla right off the bat and was none too shy about giving demands: “Meewa wanna sit wif me,” “Meewa wanna build blocks wif me,” and in this instance “Meewa wanna make a tunnel,” just to name a few. No question marks at the ends of those phrases, btw… they were most definitely stated as fact.

I think the liking was mutual though because Milla was so sweet with her and though it’s true building a tunnel out of smooth, oddly shaped beach stones is pretty much physically impossible, for Clover she gave it her best try!

Island Life (Day 1) By the Sea

On our first day, an afternoon of eating yummy salads at a local restaurant, visiting the farmers’ market, and hanging out on the porch of the local coffee house in the village was followed by Milla and Charlie leading us on a gorgeous drive out to a favorite beach of theirs. It was in a beautiful cove looking out at the islands’ largest mountain. A lovely beer sippin’ stone skippin’ Clover watchin' time was had by all!

On the way we stopped at none other than the Magical Dump! Where I found, among other bits, a cool 70’s denim wrap skirt to add to my Fall wardrobe as well as the prized plastic pig that Milla is holding above and that Clover adored and carried around with her and every so often would tell me: “Mine pig tum frum’a dump, momma.” So cute…


Speaking of pigs, after leaving the beach we stopped off at their friends' organic farm stand for dinner supplies. We pulled up to find a pack of the most adorable baby piggies frolicking in the field!

Milla's lovely garden and studio.

Island Life (Day 2) In the Forest

Wouldn’t you know it, in customary synchronous fashion, we surprised one another with vintage 70’s prairie dresses! The Gunne Sax style dress she gave me came from Violet Folklore and after drooling over so many of their amazing dress finds, it’s so great to finally own such a beautiful one :D I picked up Milla’s in Portland on our drive up at an amazing place that Anja recommended called House of Vintage.

Lucas took the above shot as Milla showed us around the small county park where she lives… yes lives! Charlie works for the park and they actually get to live there… in a super sweet little cabin with an awesome garden and chickens and a front porch with a view of the sea, not to mention the forest as their backyard… sigh.

After some beach time at the park, chatting over Pabsts and chips-n-salsa, Milla, in true hippie fashion, filled up a couple of her awesome woven baskets with picnic supplies (salad, hummus, crackers, cheeses…) and off we went on our next adventure.

Not before making another stop at the Magical Dump though! This time finds included a vintage denim bag lined with fun fabric and quilting. It'll accompany my wrap skirt to perfection and even Lucas didn’t leave the dump empty handed as I found him an awesome vintage western-style button-up shirt, plaid with pearly snaps.

On another part of the island, a beautiful forested hike took us out to a picturesque bluff overlooking the ocean and several big seal-covered rocks.

The sun dropped giving the water a silvery sheen as we picnicked, listened to the seals bark, and watched sailboats glide by in the distance. Oh geez… how poetic was that? Hahaa, but it’s true, it was quite beautiful!

Mama's got a new dress...

Mama showin’ off her new dress before heading back to the park for farm-fresh burgers grilled over the open campfire followed by Charlie’s homemade blackberry pie, still warm from the oven, with ice cream on top, yum!!!

Back Road Blur

Day three brought us out to yet another picturesque location as Milla showed us around the farm where she used to live. Forested dirt roads wound through the property, leading to awesome hippie houses nestled in the trees…

Friendly farm animals…

… and scenic hilltop views of the surrounding fields and farmland. I’d say idyllic about sums it up!

Holly Hobby Dress

Milla looking adorable and sporting the lil' 70's Holly Hobby print dress I gave her, another House of Vintage find.

Island Life (Day 3) On the Farm

Trying to get an outfit shot at dusk before completely losing the light.

Milla and Charlie on the Farm

Hangin’ out with Milla and Charlie was totally fun, they’re both awesome, and they made us feel so welcomed. Meeting Milla kinda felt more like seeing an old friend after not having seen them in a long time rather than meeting someone for the very first time, which was really cool, yet not entirely unexpected… and oh gosh, would you believe she’s even cuter in person?… I kid you not!

Thanks for everything you guys, hope you can make it down to California for a visit!

Also thanks to Milla for insisting that we pose for this family portrait as it’s the only photo of the three of us from our trip and I like it a lot : )

See more pics from our visit at
her blog too, she got some good ones!


Home Girl said...

ohhh i wanna be part of the gang! looks like a heavenly spot, with you beautiful people fitting in perfectly, someone get out the super 8! gorgesness overload - u guys always do it in style xx

Oranges And Apples said...

oh, look at you guys, you look like you had SUCH and good time and looking adorable!

Sylvia said...

These pictures are so wonderful! I think the first and the fifth and second to last are my favorites! Ah, looks like a blast though.

Gabriel said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! These pictures were so refreshing - I felt like I had a vacation just by looking!

Clover is adorable, I can see why she'd be the center of attention :-)

Dime Store Thrift said...

Missa! You are back!!

What a wonderful vacation...It just ooozed peace from where I am sitting viewing these photos.

How did you ever leave?? I would be trying to figure out a way to move there:)


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

you and milla are both so stunning, i love the dresses that you got each other!
your photos are so beautiful. i can't imagine living in a cabin facing such a dreamy scene.


anja louise said...

This was so great to read! I love that the internet can create such awesome friendships that translate so easily into real life! I also am so stoked that you found some cool stuff at House!!

ambika said...

It looks like an absolutely delightful time. I'm glad the weather held out while you were here!

Thrifted Treasure said...

It all looks so idyllic there, like a place in a dream. Great that you had such a wonderful time and made such a wonderful friend through blogland :-)

Andrea said...

I've been missing your blog, missa! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and it looks a really nice area too. I'm a city girl, but I do like country places - there's something about the pace of life there that's really appealing - and the outfits are fab too!

CC said...

Lovely photos! Love the second one. :)


anne said...

looks like an awesome time. beautiful photos!

Manja said...

Oh wow, this looks like such a lovely trip! I have also made some friends through the internet (not because of my blog though...yet ;) ) and it is always so exciting to meet them 'for real' for the first time!

Pretty Pirate said...

I love the islands up there, now that I live in SF, I really miss being so close to them. Lovely pictures, it looks like you all had a great time!

Eyeliah said...

So glad you had a great time, that place looks magical! And you went to The dump? Twice? That is beyond awesome. You look so happy and relaxed in all the photos too.

Milla said...

Oh my Goodness! We had such fun! We will keep planning for that California adventure and I look forward to hearing about the rest of the trip too.

The wedding was for the lack of a better word perfect. We're still reeling from all the love and fun and booze, but I shall attempt to compose an email soon.

Many hugs to all (except Mine Baby unless Clover gave it a bath, that baby has been working in mine for a long time, man ;)

Rachel C. said...

what a beautiful dress. you look great and it looks like you had an amazing time!

thanks for entering my giveaway!


polaris said...

Looks like a wonderful time!

Ashlee said...

it looks like you has a lovely trip.

i can't believe they get to call such a beautiful little island home.

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

These beautiful people you got to meet have the most amazing home! I wish I could have such a magestic hippie home, with wonderful piggies and the ocean!
I'm so ever happy for you for having such a warm and magical trip before the winter comes. And cheers to your new dress!

Diane said...

Those dresses are perfection! Looks like an ideal vacation... glad you went, glad you're home. Looking forward to seeing more of your thrifty finds.

Caroline said...

Sounds too good to be true! And all those hippie dresses are pure perfection. I'm adding 'House of Vintage' to my to do list. Who knows when I'll be able to make it there...but still.

Love, love, love. You'll have to visit my island next!

Caroline said...

that little vacation must have been marvelous for you! it looks beautifully tranquil!

btw....clover is an absolute doll in those photos!


Diana said...

It looks like you had so much fun. I love the last photo especially, it should be printed and framed!

elena-lu said...

pure magic

Peldyn said...

Beautiful! Clover is such a doll and it looks like you all had a wonderful time.

angelina maria rodrigues wise said...

ummm. i think we are going to have to move there. awesome!

Elissa said...

Looks like a fantastic trip! How fascinating for Clover to reach the "opinionated" milestone while there! Looks so beautiful.... my sweets and I are taking a honeymoon and we're driving up the Pacific Coast from San Jose to Olympia and now I know a little bit of what's in store for me. Gorgeous!!

craft-o-matic said...

Wow- that looks like such an ideal lifestyle! :) Great shots!!!