Wednesday, November 26, 2008

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (11.26.08)

, originally uploaded by Erin Liz.
This adorable all-one-piece jumper dress is just too cute! You really have to see it full-size to appreciate all its wonderful details, like the the tiny polka-dots on the shirt. It has a wonderful shape and I love the front pockets and all the buttons. I also like how Erin Liz continued the button theme with those cute lil’ flats.

I even love the big 60’s collar! It’s funny, ever since I mentioned having an issue with huge collars in this post, I’ve been seeing really cute ones everywhere. I am stating for the record that I am now officially over any sort of aversion I may once have had toward them :)


Skye said...

That is a very cute little dress. I like the concept of crazy big seventies collars on other people, but for some reason don't like them on myself. Maybe I should look into that!

chelsea said...

I am liking the shirt details more than the dress itself. I usually can't stand polka-dots but these small ones are ok.
I was wondering on a different subject, do you customize any of your thrifted finds?

Abbey at MilkChildren said...

ohh, yes deffo pick of the week ;) its lovely together.

Lova Revolutionary said...

way cute!!!